Unemployment… Not all bad

Yes, I am still uemployed. That doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten interviews and offers. I have actually turned down at least 2 offers, *gasp*. But why in this environment are you turning job offers down, you might ask. Well lets see, 1 required working every weekend. Hubby works Mon-Fri, ie no family time. 1 was a telemarketing job that was going to pay an hourly wage plus commission. The hourly wage wasn’t enough to make the 40 minute drive oneway economical. Yes, I am on the payroll of temp company, but that isn’t overly active at the moment; which is fine. Yes, I keep doing interviews. Getting dressed up and then turned downed is more annoying then upsetting. But, I like my life right now.

This is the first time ever, since I entered the workforce at 17, that I have never worked. During college I worked during all my breaks. Summer, winter (if not all the break, at least one week), and sometimes even Spring Break. Yes, most college students do this also. So why is it so different for me?  You would have to understand my personality in depth to understand the answer. Lets, just sum it up to that I give 150% to my jobs. In college I did this on top of all my science courses and labs and commuting and raising a puppy and (in the last 18 months of college) planning a wedding. I even “worked” (i.e. took phone calls about setting up interviews) during my honeymoon. Then I went to work for big box retail. There I worked 35+ hours a week and rotating weekends to start. 6 months and a different store later I was working almost 40 hours and getting ready for the holiday season and all it’s hiring and training of new associates. 6 months after that I was working every weekend (Saturday and Sunday, also more then my managers) still giving my most. At this point though I had realized that I had choice to make. A career for a company that wasn’t what they said they were, or my happiness and marriage? I picked happiness and marriage. So what do you do once you walk away from a job?

You sleep. I finally after a year, I stopped grinding my teeth. My dentist was insisting heavily that I get a night-guard, it was so bad. You breath. Have ever really breathed? Take that deep breath and let it out slowly? Yeah, it not just for mediation or yoga time! The panic attacks go away. You stop worrying about did this get done, did that get done, is my boss happy, does my team like me, ect. The stress goes away. You find out what makes you happy.

Sure, not everyone desires what I have. Sure, not everyone understands it either. But it is okay. We are all different. The point is that, for me, unemployment has been more fulfilling to me then working a steady full time job. I get to send my  hubby to work in my PJ’s, drink a relaxed cup of coffee, play with my dogs and train them, spend time with my crafts, and work on Me as a person.


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