Quieting Candy!

I haven’t had any candy in 3 weeks!! Not to be confused with sugar, but flat out candy.

I’ve still eaten a frosted doughnut, cupcake, lava cake, and other similar sugar sources sporadically. But, not candy!

Candy was my crutch. Candy was my emotional down turn go to happiness source. Plus, we have bowls of it in the office. Bowls of it. So, it’s very easy to get to and for sale in the little lunch room shop. Not sure what made me decide that I need to purge it from my system. Maybe it was the week of idiots and I eat 5ish Halloween rolls of candy wafers in a single hour. Or maybe it was the realization that I wasn’t losing weight and candy was the easiest┬áchange to start with.

Either way, having just cut the candy out I’ve seen the changes in my body. In the last week, the scale said I dropped a pound, my pants are fitting loser, and I feel better. I’ve also noticed that my sugar tolerance has decreased. Things that in the past wouldn’t have over sugared my taste buds now over sugar them.

Now, don’t be confused with quitting sugar. I haven’t quite sugar. I am not a big soda drinker, love carbonated water though!, fruits are healthy but have natural sugar in them, and I don’t eat sweet foods like cakes and what not that often anyways. It is something I keep in mind though, but not something I avoid.

Yes, the first week was hard. The second week got better. And week 3 was a walk in the park. Even going though the stores where candy was on sale or cheap (Dollar Tree) I was good and didn’t cave in! It takes a lot of will and I found a coworker to celebrate with me when I hit the new week mark ­čÖé

You can quite candy and decrease your sugar consumption! Here are my tips that worked for me:

-Be honest with yourself! It’s hard! It takes determination.
-Find a support buddy! They don’t have to do it with you, but someone to jump around with helps keep the motivation.
-Don’t cut it out all together! Cutting it out all together encourages failure. We want what we can’t have. Just find the right treat, and the right time to eat it.
-Acknowledge your triggers! Bad moments were my triggers. When I hit mine, I now get a glass of water (aka step away) and re-approach without candy.
-Keep healthy snacks on hand! I stock almonds and coconut on hand for the munchies.

Quitting candy has been great for my body! Hard, but great!

Have you quite candy, what helped you through the hard parts?


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