Eating on SNAP, Week 4

Last week of this challenge! I spent $35 of my $97.50 SNAP money on groceries this week at the store. Turned into a bad week with so much going on that we eat out way more than I wanted.

Sun: Movie Night Date Night! My neighbor loves watching Miss GoGo and said she needed some GoGo time. Luckily Dunkirk was coming out and we made this work. The movie theater we love in town offers food and beer while you watch the movie. Because I knew we would eat there, I counted this as dinner for the night. 

MonSalmon, potatoes, and salad- We had some cedar paper wraps in the BBQ drawer (yes we have a draw, and a deck box) and I decided it was time to get used up. So I wrapped salmon in them, salad, and potato cubes.

Tue: Burgers, it was the plan- Hubby needed to move more Hudson car parts into his storage unit so we ended up eating out at Outback. 

WedBurgers- Hubby could live on burgers, pizza, and chicken thighs during the summer, because of this fact we eat a lot of those foods and I try for the sanity of the house to have burgers or pizza on the menu each week. Usually, its a couple times as they are cheaper meals then grilling steak every night.

ThurBacon Orange Chicken, bread, veggies was the plan, but I ordered Pizza Hut. Hubby was running late that night from work and was riding his bicycle. So I just ordered pizza which arrived a few minutes before he got home at 7:20pm.

Fri: Bison Bacon Burgers was the plan, we went out as the Boys were running late from the setting up the engines. 

Sat: By ear, and we ended up going out- It was Steam Up Weekend! This time though, Hubby and Father in Law were part of the display section, showing off their hit and miss engines. I got the little green engine going first before Hubby! Because I wasn’t sure what time they would get home and how tired they would be, I didn’t plan anything specific for this day. 

Total Out: $34.02 on SNAP, way more with eating out 😦
Fred Meyer: 34.02 (7.23)

All ready on hand:

Justin Peanut butter, $6.59- I like these and I had a rebate for it, so all in all I only shelled out $4.59 for it.
Yogurt Melts, 2 bags for $4- Miss GoGo was reintroduced to these by her cousin at the pool on Saturday. When she saw them at the store she asked nicely for them and since they are a healthy-ish snack and on sale, I bought them.

It was an okay week. Because of life, we eat out more than I wanted 😦

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