Christmas Present Shopping

Yes, I am one of those much hated people! I had 80% of my Christmas present shopping done by the end of October and it’s not 100% intentional. So how do I do it? I keep my eyes, ears, and mind open.

When I am with people that I buy gifts for and they mention something they want, like, or need I file it away for later purchasing contemplation. Sure, sometimes things go on sale during the Christmas season but not always as good as the price I can get it for during the non-Christmas season (coupons, free shipping, and points). I also try and cater to the personalities as well as the their wants and needs. Lets look at my Hubby for instance; don’t worry he doesn’t read this blog 🙂

He has a wish list that his family and my family can see and I typically don’t buy off of it 🙂 I also mention to the right people things that aren’t on his list that he’s mentioned would be nice to have. I cater to his fun side when it comes to presents. I also buy presents that are useful to him but also to me sometimes; I know I’m a horrible wife! An example of this would be computer games. This would also be an example of things that work for both of us. When he plays his computer games I get write, clean, bake, cook, or pamper the puppies. Sometimes I even play the games with him! However, I only buy him games that he’s mentioned he wants and non game items I buy what he mentions or what I know he will like. Be that either really like or see the humor in. Oh, and Legos. Yeah, we haven’t out grown that yet. We’ve just moved in to the higher price ranges that have the cool more adult sets. But, I typically buy him at least one a year.

I also keep my eyes out for great deals on things I know people will love! Groupon is my source of many gifts this year. They had what I was looking for at a price I Loved! I am also on the tiresome email list for several stores that I typically have really good luck at finding things. They include Sears, Groupon, The Home Depot, Ulta (I know how girly of me!), and Etsy. It’s not that I love the almost daily emails from these places but I love knowing what’s is on sale or coming up on sale and where I can save money.

So, keeping my ears, eyes, and mind open makes my Christmas shopping 100% less stressful and more financially distributed through out the year.

Stress less about the Holiday and Enjoy it!!


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