The Journey

Life isn’t about the Destination.

Many many people, organizations, ect make it about the Destination. The Destination for all livings things on Earth is death. Yes, a little morbid but the truth. Life, is about the Journey it takes.

Was your Destination love? Was the Destination buying a house? What is your Destination?

First let  me define Destinations as I am using; we are all on the same thought process. Destination is defined as the end of the journey.  Once we get to our destination we aren’t going anywhere else. Why leave what we have worked so hard for? The Journey is the story we tell and the story we live.

My Destination… It’s really still in the air. Work isn’t my destination. Family isn’t my destination. To me Life is my Destination. I want to live and when those final moments hit me (decades from now!!) I don’t want to look back and wonder what I have done and where I have been. My impact on the life and those lives around me (those that souranded me and those that I encouter) change my Destination and my Journey daily.

If we concentrate on the Destination and not the Journey what will we miss? In my case, I would have missed my Hubby. We met in college and if I had been all about graduating (aka the Destination) our lives wouldn’t have collided and interwinded themselves for eternity. If my professor had been teaching to me, and not below me, I wouldn’t have found my Shadow Baby on and pulled her, or she pulled me, into my life and heart. She wasn’t not even on my radar at the time I found her; neither was Hubby. But I can’t imagine my Journey without either one of them. Both are things that my Journey needs, and craves, but neither where the Destination when I found them.

Remember, Life is about the Journey and not about the Destination. If you have a particular Destination in mind live your Journey in such a manner that makes it worth bragging about when you get to your Destination.

Enjoy your Journey!

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