A few summer recipes

First things first… I strongly dislike summer! The sun, the 75+ degree weather.  It’s just to much! I will say that there are a few by-products of summer that I Love! One of which is that Hubby uncovers the grill and cooks on it. He makes great BBQ too!! Ribs, smoked pulled pork, steaks, lamb chops… oh yummy foods. The downside.. I get kicked out of my kitchen 😦 FYI, we don’t have AC. That means the only way I get to “cook” during summer is to do veggie prep and rub sprinkling. It’s not a big deal really because sumer in the Northwest typically only lasts a few months and I get to be more creative about what we eat for dinner. Here are a few of the things we have done so far:

1) Smoked Ribs

Smoked ribs are new to us this year. Every year at least once, my Hubby smokes a pork butt (or whatever it is) and wefreeze it for pulled pork sandwiches, nachoes, ect; quick easy meals. For his birthday earlier this year I purchased him Smoked BBQ Ribsa BBQ Rib book with tons of rubs and sauces in it and he is loving it! Even when his Dad visited most recently he complimented Hubby on his skills. Yes, I am spoiled with great BBQ every summer.

2) BBQ Chicken

Super easy, yummy, and so veriable. You can do just about anything with chicken. We love to take is slather it with

BBQ Chicken with Garlic green beans

sauce (be it Blackberry, Raspberry, BBQ, you name it) grill it and then eat it with yummy sautéed veggies or as BBQ Chicken burgers with homemade onions rings.

3) Steaks… Yum

It is hard to go wrong with steak; it is possible though if you over grill it. Our household (canine kids included) love steak. However, we don’t love the cheap stuff. We love T-bone, Prime Rib, and Filet. This means that we don’t really eat steak all that often in our house and that I keep an eye out for good sales on these meats which I then can take and freeze. Typically Hubby marinates the steak in a marinade that includes beer and soda that just comes out amazing!! We also do rubs and sauces

4) Lamb Chops

Very expensive but so worth the cost! Lamb chops don’t take a lot of work but, if you have to be mindful not to over cook them. Yes, that does mean standing close to them and paying attention to your BBQ. They also don’t take that Lamb Chopmuch seasoning to make their flavor come to life! A little rosemary, garlic, oil and you are done! Or even a little mint goes well with lamb chops. Serve with salad and/or rissoto and you have a great summer meal. We typically give the dogs the bone to chew on.

5) BBQ Pizza

BBQ Pizza can take a few trails and errors before you get it perfect. You can’t do thin crust with it because it will fall through the grates and you will have nothing to show. I guess you could use a store bought partially cooked crust, like Bobooli crust, but I don’t know how that would work. I just make a thicker crust and use the back of pan with a little corn meal, I don’t have a pizza padel yet, to slide it onto the grate. You cook oneside, flip and decroate, then finish cooking the other side. Easy and fun to personalize your own pizza!


This is another easy summer dish. Take any meat you want (fish doesn’t work so well) place it on a stick/metal skewer or even herb sticks (rosemary branch, lemon grass, ect) and grill it! My favorites to do are teriyake chicken, chicken with peanut sauce, and steak with veggies. Yum!! You can even do just plain old chicken as make a few different dipping sauces to go with them.

What are some of your favorite summer traditional food?


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