Pinterest- Fabirc (Paper) Towels

I saw this and pinned this on Pinterest at one point in time. The original pinner has since removed the directions so I kind of had to go from what I remembered and what I thought would be best. So if it seems a little harder then it should be sorry.


  • Terry Cloth. I bought mine from both Jo-Ann’s and
  • Cotton fabric. I those to go with  kitchen themed prints that I bought from Jo-Ann’s
  • Thread. I used Americana quilting thread. I really like this thread. It is thick and sturdy and given what it is being used for I wanted something strong.


  1. Wash your fabrics. I washed mine on what they probable will get washed at not the recommened washing cycle. It probable caused it to shrink more then it should have but I would prefer that to happen now and not later.
  2. Cut fabric to desired size. I cut mine to 6 1/2 inches by 12 inches. I like this size better then the standard towel size. I tend to feel wasteful when I use Bounty paper towels to I stopped using them and switech to Brawny pick your size.Cut and Ready to go
  3. From here it is just like sewing a blanket. Place right sides together, sew, invert, and top stitch. Sew and flip
  4. The whole snap together thing now. Originally I looked at velcro, wanting something that would come apart pretty easily. The problem with velcro is that washing it is hard because if it isn’t joined with another piece it will get caught on everything in the wash machine with it. The next thought was snaps. Snaps defeat the purpose of easily getting them apart. At this point I haven’t attached them together with anything and probable won’t. I will most likely  place them in a drawer and pull them out as need. Completed Towel

It was another really pretty easy craft that didn’t take a lot of time to complete. Don’t judge my pictures to harshly; this was my first attempt at topstitching and rounding corners.


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