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If you have done any looking or searching for drink apps you will be or have been overwhelmed by what you you see. I’ve added several but these are the

Mix & Match-

A good way to pair wine and cheese on the go!

A good way to pair wine and cheese on the go!

This App is more applicable for party planning or a group get together and specifically for wines.You can select your wine or cheese and it gives you recommended pairings for the other side. I.E. you select Medium Bodied Red Wine and it shows you the cheeses that pair well with it (Cheddar,Feta, ect). You can also select the cheese you have in the fridge and it will tell you what to open to drink with it. I.E. you can pick Fetta Cheese and it says to drink it with Aromatic White Wines and Sparkling Wine.  My issue with this app is the lack of some groups; Sharp Cheddar and the generalization of Soft White Cheese. Also missing is deep body red wines! After a quick Google search this site is one of many that popped up that I really like!


The Free version of Mixoloty

The Free version of Mixology




I love this app for the days I want a hard drink but don’t want to flip through my bar book. You can search by Ingredients and by Category! It’s hard to find fault with this app as it is easy to use and convenient.





Next Glass

Rate your favorite bottled drinks and see what they recommend to try

Next Glass-
You do have to make an account with them. There is no way around it with this app. You need the account because as you rate drinks that you have tried, help recommend another drink you might like. This is an app in it’s early development stage as not all drinks are loaded into it yet but it a great start! Love it because you can use it at the store when your favorite beer is out and you really want to buy beer.

There are others out there but these are the 3 that I still have loaded onto my phone 🙂


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