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When I look at all the categories I file stuff in, I realized that some just don’t hold many posts and don’t get written about at that often. With that realization I’ve decided to do some cleaning and some refocusing to this blog.

Categories that are going away: 
Dogs– I love and adore my pups and they are and forever will be part of my life. The reason they won’t be a category is that part of my success with these crazy pups is an emotional connection with them. I can’t write about how to train that, influence that, or live a life that encourages it, because for me it’s as natural as breathing.

Garden Things- I really kind of suck at gardening. I love the planning and the produce I get from it, but I suck at tending to it and writing tips and tricks on how to maintain and make the most ot of it. So I am just going to cut it out and stop trying. I will always have a garden space and always have raspberries (Hubby and Miss GoGo eat them by the handfuls!) but it won’t ever be blog worthy.

Single Income living– I started this category when we were living on a single income in the Fall of 2012 for about 6 months. While we still primarily live on Hubby’s income for the majority of things (utilities, mortgage, etc), we use my income from my full time desk job to pay my car loan, pay off debt faster, and daycare. Since this category is no longer actively being lived, I am going to remove it. While we could live without my job money wise, I can’t live with me not working. I like the challenge of my job, balancing work and home, and the value and lessons learned that Miss GoGo gets from daycare, like biting isn’t nice and listening to other adults not just Mom and Dad.

Saving Money– This category will stop existing, it will become a tag. Anything present in this category will be redistributed to the still active categories and will carry the Saving Money tag. Since I don’t actively find ways to Save Money outside of living and just trying to make wise decision with the funds that I have, it doesn’t make sense to have this is a category.

Odds and Ends– The posts currently in Odd and Ends will be rolled into the Food for Thought category.

Baby B– Baby tips, parenting tips and tricks, and Miss GoGo stories will be moving to a tag and not a category. She will always be part of my blog and stories but not a category anymore. I started with category when I first got pregnant in the excitement of being a first time mom. Now, 2 years later and whole heck of a lot of lessons learned I’ve realized her place in my life is by my side living and exploring with me and not a subject matter that I can clearly write about enough to support a category. Some of these posts will be moved into Food for Thought and some will just be removed.

Categories that will be staying: 
Traveling– I love to travel!! When I find a constructive way to travel and work at the same time I will leave my desk job and not look back. When I travel I tend to do a combination of big tourist traps and just wondering town and exploring the local culture. Hubby and Miss GoGo follow me and have influence into what we do and where we go. Traveling with a child at my side is a fun and amazing experience and nothing like traveling as just adults. Because I love it, and enjoy the challenge of planning and existing a trip I am keeping this category.

Food for Thought– I am going to keep this for the occasional random tangents that my brain comes up with and needs writing out.

Crafts– I love crafting and playing with materials. it’s fun and I am going to keep this category just to share my adventures in the fun world of craft materials 🙂

Baking and Cooking– Lets face it, this is my primary category that I write about. I love to bake and cook and mix drinks and it’s very deeply rooted in my Care Giver personality. People will always need food, so I feed people and I enjoy it. I also love the complexity of cooking and baking and the world travel that can be found in cookbook; you can have pretty good Thai one night and Fish and Chips the next all without having to spend hours on a plane. Rolling into this category will be things related to the baking and cooking and that will include adventures in savings, shopping for the little known seasoning mix, ect.

You might also start to see affiliating marketing links to products that I love and use; I think I tried it once before but never really worked at it, so it didn’t go far. We’ll see if that idea ever gets off the ground, but I will only ever suggest and link to items I use and have in my house for the long term!

I am also playing with the idea of taking this from a blog to more of a website based blog. We’ll see though, that is still in the thinking stages and will be influenced by the affiliate marketing success.

I hope you stay with me and enjoy the new formatting and refocusing of this blog 🙂

Tara B.

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