Blackberry BBQ sauce

It is summer time. Sunshine, early mornings, late nights, allergies, bugs, ants, and BBQ! In summer I get my kitchen rights, basically, revoked for the duration of it; partly because we don’t have AC in our house and because Mr. B is really good with the grill. So, in an agreement between us I let him pick the meat and BBQ it but I get to pick the sauce, marinade, and ect that goes on it and the veggies; great compromise right?

Earlier this week I went and picked blackberries at my aunt’s house. I was smart though and wore long plants and sleeves to the only owes I have a on my hands a few on my legs where one inch long thorns got me. If you have never seen a truly wild and free grown blackberry bush I would recommend it. It’s very very impressive to behold stems as large as your wrist. Anyways, after making blackberry syrup, slump filling (berry and dumplings), pie, and sauce I had another cup or two left to play with. I had been in the kitchen all day cooking and canning and since I was in berry mode it went to the  BBQ books in my house to try and find something to do with the last few, and I found…NOTHING! Why the heck two very large BBQ books don’t have not only blackberry sauce but any berry sauces?! The tang and sweetness of berries pair very well with spies, mustard, and hot sauce. After pacing the kitchen and fuming over the inadequate coverage of my cookbooks, all of them by the way. Remind me sometime to post a photo of them. I went to my next source for recipes… the internet. I placed Blackberry BBQ sauce in my search bar and hit enter. It returned lots of results to me and I went recipe shopping. After looking at several I settled on one that was supposedly in Sunset Magazine a few years back, I can’t confirm this. I mixed it all together and let is sit for a little while on the drums sticks while the grill was being heated. Before handing the entire container to Mr. B I poured some into a small bowl just incase we wanted it for dipping. He then grilled them to perfection and we eat them outside with a side order of summer veggies.

It was extremely yummy and paired very well with the chicken. The sauce itself is sticky and unless you like sticky finger and faces I would recommend it with cut able food items as a dipping sauce. This one has joined my list of go to sauces and will be reappearing next year.

Here is the recipe 😀
1 1/4 cup blackberries
1/4 cup catsup (Ketchup)
1/4 cup honey/agave
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup minced garlic
1 teas pepper
1 or 2 teas hot sauce

Puree berries and ingredients in a blender. Once pureed pour into a 1 quart measuring cup and cover loosely with microwavable safe plastic wrap leaving some vent space. Microwave until mixture is reduced to 1 ½ cups (~8 min) stirring occasionally.

Tara’s notes: I used fresh berries, ginger powder, and agave in my making of it. I also didn’t reduce it because mine was thick already. If you use frozen berries I would reduce it, maybe not in the microwave but in a small saucepan on the stove. Also this recipe doesn’t call for any source of oil. I would recommend applying some to the gill plates or adding a little to the sauce so that it doesn’t stick for you…like it did for us.

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