Food Clean Out, Step 2

So for Step 2 of the Food Clean Out, I am taking on the Dry Groceries. But first, lets review Step 1.

Okay, so Step 1’s action steps where tracking how much I was spending on groceries and to rewrite the grocery budget. Sounds easy enough right? It took work and determination as it is changing habits.

How much was I really spending on food groceries? In the end I estimated that I was spending about $95 a week on groceries, including the few Costco (milk) purchases. I was astounded! I do 95% of the and I run the card a checkout and I still had no great grasp on what I was spending 😦 😦 The bigger grump side, is the amount of veggies that go bad in my fridge. Hubby has the fridge set at 34 degrees which doesn’t help keeping veggies usable as that is too cold for most of them. On top of that I buy them with the best of intentions to make the family eat them but plan flops. Miss GoGo right now is choosing to live on Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Life Cereal, Milk, and Cheddar Cheese. It’s a struggle to get fruit in her at times and luckily she is eating at daycare okay-ish. Hubby is a losing cause. His veggie repertoire is broccoli, Cesar salad, corn, and potatoes and he is stubborn to try and get to eat new things not on that list *frustrated female sigh and eye roll*. We’ve also been eating out a lot in the last few months. Part of it was getting Miss GoGo ready to go to France and part of was just lazy frustration. When you add in the eating out food costs you get to over $175 a week in food costs. But still, doesn’t really explain the amount of dry goods in my cupboards.

Knowing how much I was spending on food groceries, having a semi guideline through the USDA and how much they think you should be eating, I started the review and rewrite process of the actual budget. In the end I ended up with a new budget of $500 a month, $125 a week, for food and $50 a month for all other products, ie paper, dishwasher tabs, ect. While we are only looking at a decrease of $25 a week, we all know that is a lot of money in the long run. Yes, I could make it more and while cleaning out the cupboard I will be spending less a week and month. Right now this week, I’ve spent maybe $10 on groceries and we haven’t eaten out!

Once I had a new budget I went looking for a better shopping app. Sadly, I found the same annoying quirk in the three that I downloaded! The issue I keep encountering is missing or limiting product entry. You cannot add on Steak more than once, even if you add a note. No, they don’t have the steaks broken down by type, sirloin/brisket/ect. Yes, I could add them individually but I would also have to do that with peppers, apples, potatoes, shrimp sizes, milk, and several others. So frustrating, I might as well just us paper and calculator again.Oh well, I’ll just stick with groceryiq as I’ve loaded items into it out of frustration, and I have sent them comments about their annoying quirks. So, lets move on to action steps!

My Action Step 1 is going to be evaluating the stupid cupboards! Time consuming process as I chose to pull everything out, and repack the cupboards from nice blank shelves. No, this won’t screw my Hubby up, as he has little idea where things are now. On the upside, Miss GoGo was very into pulling things out and helping put things away 🙂

My Action Step 2 is going to be once I know what I have, use it first! Yes, sadly, this may mean that I need to wait to do that cool new recipe I found for awhile, but it will be worth it to go through what I have on hand first.

I’ve chosen to delay the freezer clean out till after the cupboards because my meals have meat in them, and I sorta know better what is in my freezer, better than my cupboards. Once I have those cleaned out, I’ll look closer at my freezer to find what is hidden and needs cooking or tossing due to really bad freezer burn 😦

Up Next, eventually, a recap of my Cupboard Clean out.


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