Food Clean Out, Step 1

I have a food issue. Not sure where it came from or why I have it, but I do. I can’t stand the look of an empty fridge, cupboard, or freezer. It drives me nuts! The issue with this, besides the money spending on not needed items (budgeted though.. lol 😦 ), is that I end up with excess. By excess I mean overly full cupboards, fridge, and freezer to the point of lost food. I lose food because it gets buried and goes bad and I just can’t see it to use it. I’ve done clean outs in the past and they are “fun” to do but, I end up back where I began a few months later. It really is a time for a change!

The first step in solving all problems and changing habits is to admit the problem right? Well, I have admitted the problem, but lets make at least one other Step 1 goal, since this one was easy.

So Step 1, will be to reduce my grocery bill. Currently my grocery bill is written at $600/month but that includes the paper, shampoo, ect that I get at the store. It think it might be time to split the two apart as it also serves as a crutch at the check out line. Also, I obviously don’t need that much in grocery money if my cupboard and freezer looks like this! Next come actions steps!

Action Step 1! Start tracking the grocery cart while shopping again! I used to do this, and I feel off the wagon. I even have an app that I wrote about that is good, I like it less as it has some stupid quirks to it. Maybe I should look for a new app that is more item friendly and less annoying. But I need to start doing this again to see what I actual do spend on foods.

Action Step 2! Rewrite the budget! Easy enough right? The USDA publishes a Cost of Food report that says about how much certain eating levels will cost you. For my family on the low cost meal plan, we should be spending ~$575.30 per month on food. So how much do I really spend on food each month? I had no idea! *head smack* I was going to have to find out so I can change it.

Up Next: Step 2, Dry Grocery Change!



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