Current Facebook Irck

Ugh… I hate those posts on Facebook that are along the lines of:
“If you read this, leave one word as to how we met. Only ONE word, then copy & paste this to your wall so I can leave a word for you” and is typically proceeded by some form of friendship statement and/or a threat that if you don’t do this they will unfriend you. 

I don’t reply to these posts but I also don’t have people on my Facebook page that I haven’t gone to school or worked with in the past or present, but they really irck me.

The reason they get up under my skin is that you wouldn’t make demands like this in person. It also puts the readers in an emotionally vulnerable spot. The reader has to run the risk of not replying and being unfriend from Facebook or giving into the demands of the poster and defending their right to be friends with that person.

Now, I know that people drift apart and persue different paths in life that pull people apart. If that happens, just person up and tell the person that you no longer feel connected and close enough to them to allow them to see the details of your life that you share on Facebook. At the very worst, both agree to walk away from the friendship. At the very best, it can make you stronger and closer together when you open the lines of communication to what you both need out of the friendship. But force people to defend the right to be friends on Facebook by posting something, is juvenile.

If you won’t ask the questions or for the information in person why ask do it on social media?


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