Winery Apps Free Versions

First of, I am cheap. If I can find something that does what I want for free why pay for one, even though it may do it slightly better.

Second of lets get to the topic at Post 🙂 Today I am reviewing a few of the apps that are out there for finding wineries to go tasting at. I was picky about what I wanted to see in the apps. I was looking for:

  1. Area- I wanted the Oregon and Southern Washington. There are lots out there for specific area and AVAs.
  2. Space for notes!- I wanted a space for notes so that I could mark down the wines I love and the places to avoid.
  3. Details- I wanted to see details about the location primarily what the hours are. Bonus points for tasting fees, wine variety made, and double points for current tasting flight!

I have ranked these in order of least liked to most liked:

Oregon- The location services is either on or off. No option of when only in use. Specific to Oregon! I love most of the Find Winery screen! When location services is on you can find my distance,

Oregon Wine App

The home page for the Oregon Wine App

alphabetically, Appellations (aka, growing regions), City/Town, Picnic Friendly (not all are picnic friendly and some even sell foods), and Late hours (for that winery stop on the way home from work). They have a discount offered screen but I have yet to see anything load on which saddens me. The map page sucks. It just loads a Google Maps with nothing regional or even at your location when you have the service on. Also, the winery pages are very basic. Which is fine, it shows all the information needed to contact the winery including the address. However, you can’t tap the winery address and get to open the map as that is not enabled. They also have a happening screen that it is very localized to the Portland Metro area and not much else shows up on it. All in All, it has been removed mostly for the fact that location service is either on or off.

Winery- This app does need you to set up an account with them to make it function at its optimal best.

Winery App journal

The home page for the Oregon Wine App

It does require location services to be on but does have a “while in use” option so it isn’t always pulling data down. This app is another good one for keeping track of where you have been and what is near you. It has less search options than the other two however it has some other options that I like. For instance you can rate the wineries, each winery has journal section for jotting notes down, and you can connect with friends on it and share reviews.

Vinowine- I really like this app! When you open it up it shows you all the wineries that you have yet to mark as visited. Which, for my purposes is fantastic! it means that I might not have to carry my map and notebook around, probable still will though, to make sure to hit new placed. It also has a favorites list! You can mark the wineries that you have visited and loved. It also has a favorite wine list that is not so great but a great idea. I have yet to find a winery on the app with a wine list loaded so that I can save a wine to the favorite list. The map is awesome!

Vinowine Map

The great map from Vinomine app with the green pins being done and the red still to visit.

It shows you were you have been if you mark them as visited and easily see where locations to visit still are.

All in All for these 3 options I like Vsinowine the best. Its great at keeping track where you still need to go, and an amazing map function to make the wine trip even easier. I might also keep the Winery app because of the ability to jot notes down in it about the different wines at each location.

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