Bathroom Done!

Yeah!! I can finally cross this stupid bathroom off my list of things to finish!! It has taken forever and I am glad to be done and moving on with other house projects; like curtains for the new windows!

These sewing project was actually really fun and a little frustrating. It was frustrating because I had no idea what I was doing when I started out with an idea. I had seen swags before in house magazines and online but they are always over tall windows and have a really long drop to them. I didn’t need anything that big at all!

It took some Googling to even find a couple sites that showed fairly clearly how to even set up the cuts to be able to make them. I took a small scrap piece of fabric and played with it and the design before cutting my expensive home decor fabric and starting in on the final project. They aren’t perfect, but they are good enough!

Shower SwagSwags aren’t that hard to make. Sure, they are probable easier with a mounting board that you can just staple them onto and hang above a window. Mine where going on a rod so not something I could do. I ended up cutting it, hemming it, and just pinning and repining the folds until happy. Once I had them where I was happy I just took needle and thread and did a couple of stitches to hold it all grouped together and called it good. Not very professional, but it’s done and I like it!

After doing the Swags, the two Cascades were easy! A little geometry to get the lengths and angels right and all I had to do was hem, pin, and sew! And voila! The bathroom is done!!

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Now the big question, which project to tackle next?


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