Ain’t worth the Whiskey

I love country music. I grew up with it and it’s what the first 3 presets in my SUV are. But the song “Ain’t worth the Whiskey” by Cole Swindell irks me a little.

The first line in the song is:
I don’t care that you done me wrong

Ugh, what did this girl do to make a man care less that she’s gone?!? Girls, we need treat the men in our lives, especially our Significant Others, with respect at the minimum. What sane person wouldn’t care that someone who showed them respect left their lives?

The next most irking line to me is:
But don’t think for a second I’m out to drown your memory

While I don’t agree with turning to alcohol to help get over come bad emotions, this line just again shows that is girl messed up so bad that he isn’t thinking of drinking her memory away. Ladies, we need to treat men so well that they don’t want to lose us! If we do leave, at the thought that the need to drink us away for the night just shows we did something right.

Yes, some relationships are not healthy and those are the ones we need to walk away from. Yes, he could just be hiding his pain and wanting to be all male strong.

But let’s pause a moment and look at some of the girl behavior we see that could make a man not miss her.

1) Overly Needy! I hate overly needy people. I am talking about the type of person who needs your input on almost everything and are emotionally draining to be around. This type of behavior can damage all relationships that you are in. The constant need for input, reassurance, advice, at every moment drains people.

2) Cheating! Yes, men do this to us girls also. That doesn’t make it right for either of us to do it to another person.

3) Dictating! Have you ever enchanted those people that tell you what to do every moment of your day? Its even worse when they are supposed to be supporting you and loving you but are telling you how they think you should be. All people need friend time and girls telling the boys when and how they can spend time with friends… isn’t the best approach. Trust him to have safe fun and make smart decisions.


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