3 Years

In October we had, at least the date came and went, our 3 year anniversary. October though was a horrific month for us with the car crash, my injuries, and such. I was actually still in the hospital on our anniversary 😦  Through all of this though, my injuries have had me house bound for the last few weeks till I get clearance to go back to life, have shown me that I managed to find one of the Great Guys in the world and make him mine.

He has been nothing but supportive to me! Even his work place has been supportive by not complaining about how much time he’s taken off to get me to and from appointments and how my injuries have affected everyday life. I couldn’t ask for a better man! He’s helped to keep my spirits up (which isn’t a huge task because my sensor of humor and my ability to find the positive side of things has survived through this) but he’s also helped cover normal house chores that I have done historically without complaint.

It’s so hard to explain how he is a Great Guy without you having ever met him but you will just have to take my word on that he is. With this accident he’s done nothing but reinforce and prove beyond even outsider argument that he is not only a Great Guy but also an amazing Hubby! We also are going to make up for skipping this anniversary in January with a weekend trip to the Beach 😀


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