I don’t fight for friendships

I could also title this post “I only put in what I get out” or even “I’m your friend if you are my friend”. It sounds a little one-sided but read me out here.

I don’t fight for friendships… I understand that life drags people apart. I understand my personality and it’s effects on friendships. This is where Facebook comes in great to my life! I still get to be involved with my friends and their lives and share what I want about my life without feeling the need for long conversations. It’s not that I don’t like long conversations, but my life isn’t that exciting. I work, clean, watch TV, and play on the weekends.

I don’t fight for friendships… I  only put into a friendship (can also be read as relationship (there are exceptions)) what I get out of it. This means that if you call or text me often I will do the same in return. If you only talk to me sporadically then I do the same in return. It’s not that I don’t want to be your close friend it’s that I have learned the hard way how draining, emotionally and physically, it is to keep a one-sided relationship going.

I don’t fight for friendships… I hate having to let go of people! I will be the last one to let go and even a little slow to get that the friendship is dead. If we were once close and it sputters out like many things do, I will still think of you for months or years to come. I will wonder how you are, what you are doing, ect but I won’t contact you because losing your friendship has already hurt me and I don’t want that to be hurt again.

I don’t fight for friendships… Initially I can come on strong or maybe even a little desperate to be your friend. This is only because I want to build that solid base and show you I care. I am a lover and a fighter, but I prefer to love people and take care of them by being their friend.

I want to be your friend but only if you want to be mine 🙂


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