I Hate This Phrase

Be warned, I am climbing onto my soap box.

The Phrase is:

Wish I had met you sooner, so I could love you longer.

and I hate it.

It directly implies that if you had met your person sooner you would have been just as ready to love them as when you did end up meeting them. I completely disagree with this, and live this disagreement. Hubby and I both have acknowledged that we met right when we needed to and were ready to meet. We both know that if we had met sooner, we wouldn’t have ended up together because neither one of us was ready for the other. Yes, this reason sounds a lot like believing in fate.

And, I guess I do believe in fate a little. If it isn’t planned and controlled than it is fate, isn’t it? Either way, I guess I believe that when people enter your life that is when they are meant to enter it. They have something to teach you and for you to teach them, and if we could change time to make this statement true, what would we have missed and who would we be?

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