Baby Products: Diaper Change Time!

Since, as you may have figured, I am an opinionated person **gasp** I am going to share what products I like and don’t like in the Diaper department. They are a few things that I judged the diapers by 1) the fit- how well do they fit, 2) wetness indictor- does it have one or not, 3) price- because it does matter, and 4) blow out- how many times and what did it take to blow out


Pampers Swaddlers-
Fit: They fit Baby B very nicely and are easy to put on.
Blowout: They have happened but they take a lot of volume and position for Baby B to blow them out.
Wetness Indictor: Yes!
Price: $24.99 for 100, 25 cents each; price from Babies R Us no sales or coupons
Love them!

Huggies Snuggler-
Fit: Pretty good fit for my little twig of a Baby.
Blowout: Maybe, might not have gotten the diaper on correctly.
Wetness Indictor: Yes!
Price: $24.99 for 100, 25 cents each; price from Babies R Us no sales or coupons

BRU Brand-
Fit: Not that great. They have a decent crease on them when your baby is on the low end of the fit scale. The flang that goes around their legs doesn’t want to open or stay open when you are putting the diaper on.
Blowout: It did happen and it didn’t take much with the flange being curled underneath and even with it out they still leaked.
Wetness Indictor: Nope
Price: $29.99 for 180, 17 cents per diaper; price from Babies R Us no sales or coupons
Not a fan and won’t recommend

Fit: This fit a lot like Huggies do. Easy to get unfolded with a single hand; while the other is making sure Baby doesn’t get away.
Blowout: Not yet!
Wetness Indictor: Yes!
Price: $29.99 for 192, 16 cents each; price from Costco no sales


Seventh Generation-
No. We did not like them at all. They didn’t want to come apart when we pulled them out. Usually I had to use two hands to get a single wipe. While they maybe nice to the environment and there were a little hard on me at 2am.

Like them!
I have tried both the simple clean and natural clean. The natural clean are fragrance free but to me they have a disincentive smell more than the simple clean.

Like them! The tend to come out of the container better than the Huggies do. However, both brands are pretty equal in my opinion and I will probable buy the ones on sale more than a specific brand.

I don’t have anything on butt paste, yet. Luckily, knock on wood, we haven’t had to address any diaper rashes!

Do you have brands that you love? Feel free to share them and why you love them!


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