Disney Frozen

I have some issues with the Media’s and Publics love affair with Disney’s Frozen. The issue is the love affair with the fact that one of the princesses turns down a man and how it’s being taken as the first time Disney has ever done that in a movie with a princess. Have we forgotten about Brave (2012)?

For those of you who haven’t seen it’s about a princess who has to save her family and village from an evil spell and deranged enchanted bear. Also, she refuses to be married off and fights for her right to remain unmarried. Yes, it has a Pixar label however, 1) Disney owns Pixar and 2) Disney made her an official Disney princess in 2013 (joining Snow White, Bell, and the others). So see, she is a true Disney princess and the first to refuse marriage before Frozen came out.

Yes, it’s great that Frozen shows another princess not to marring the first man she meets. It’s also great that they show the power of love being the undoing of Ice (heat melts ice even in the real world). So no, I don’t totally dislike Frozen. What I dislike is the Media’s and Public forgetting that Disney has another princess that did it first.

I’ll climb off my soap box now but if you haven’t seen Brave but have seen Frozen you should go watch it. It has some great lessons in it; like every Pixar movie.


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