My Definition of Love

Today is Valentine’s day. The day on the calendar where we are reminded to show our love with pretty things. I like this day because I get a pretty heart felt gift from my Hubby but otherwise this day holds no meaning for me. Why you ask, because love isn’t reserved for a single day, a single action, a hug, or a kiss. Love is how you treat people everyday of the year.

One of speakers I had to listen to in high school defined love as this “Love is doing the greater good, for the OTHER person”. It took me a while to understand this and I had to think it through and live through a heart break to fully understand this. Now as an adult I fully agree with this statement. To fully love someone you have to make choices sometimes that hurt you emotionally for them to succeed in life or be better off in life. It’s a very very hard truth and a very hard action to take!

Ultimately Love is the very small things in life. It’s getting up early-ish so everyone in the house can have a nice warm shower. It’s remembering the details shared in passing so you can ask about them later. It’s the Kiss goodbye and Hug hello every day. It’s being there for those who need you but aren’t family. It’s comforting a stranger when they need it most.

Love to me isn’t the presents one can buy someone but it’s the things that only You (or the other person) are able of giving. It’s the shoulder, the heart, the smile, and the hand to hold when one is needed.

Remember to show Love every day of the year not just on this day!

Enjoy a day filled with more Hugs than usual and some fun shaped candy!

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