Hubby Points

My Hubby deserves so many Hubby Points!!

I have no memory of most of the month of October 😦 This includes not only the car accident, hospital stay (I fuzzy memory), anniversary (3 years together!), and most of the last few weeks. The memories that I do have, are fuzzy. You know how a dream feels when you are recalling it the next day, kind of fuzzy and blurry? That is how most of my memories are; except for the last week those are almost normal. My only hospital memory is pushing the call button to have the nurse go walk with me on my last night; I pushed it almost every hour.

Its taken some time, okay still working on it, to put everything that has happened together. The first thing that Hubby did to earn Hubby Points was to call not only my Employer but also the company I am temping with and let them know what was going on.  Employer call doesn’t get him very many points but calling the company I am actually temping with gets him HUGE points! He just simple told them that was going on and that we would be in touch as I moved forward with recovery 🙂

He also earned points by coordinating with his family and mine about how I was doing. FYI, my Hubby is an introvert so some of this just beyond what I would have expected. He kept my Mommy and Daddy updated as to my progress and his mom even came down and stayed at the house with my dogs and his dad even came down to see us 🙂 His family, most of who live locally and I just recently learned this, made time to come to the hospital and see me. I also learned that some of my friends even came to see me. Sorry guys I don’t have any recallable memories of your visits but I do Thank You for your love and support!

Since I am not approved medically to drive, due to brain injury, he’s been my Jeeves for the last month and he’s pretty tolerant at it 🙂 Though, I do remember why I don’t take him grocery shopping with me anymore after our adventure at the store last week. He has to take me to all my appointments, grocery shopping, and has even take me and the dogs to the Dog Park! This a pretty big Hubby Point earner because on this days off he has to leave the house at 7:30 am with me and the dogs to get to the dog park on time to see my Dog Park friends and he does it without complaining 🙂

In the end… he has lots of Hubby Points earned and very impressed and happy wife 😀


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