Working Parents

I am a working parent; I choseĀ to work. My Hubby is a working parent. Miss Go Go is in daycare ~48 hrs a week. Society doesn’t support this.

Society doesn’t understand how I can chose to work if I don’t have to. Sometimes I even get the looks of “horrible parent” and complete lack of understanding. Yes, it pisses me off. As I have said before I WANT to work. I NEED to work. I don’t need the money that it generates; it’s nice though šŸ™‚ What I need and get from work is the adult interaction, the complex thought process, and the problem solving for things that don’t directly affect me. Yes, parenting is complex and does require problem solving. But not on the level that I love. At work, the decision and actions I make, I don’t have to live the fallout. So, I have to make decisions and actions that are best for others and support them through the fallout. These are two very different things.

Also, children activities are all aimed at stay at home parents and/or Nannies. Take a look at baby swim classes. The only weekend baby swim class I could find is 20 minutes one way from my house, right at nap time. There are others in the area that the day of time is better but the day of the week I can’t do. Take a look at toddler dance classes, toddler classes at the local museums/zoo/gardens and you will see the same thing. All these great things, Miss Go Go won’t be able to do because she is the child of working parents.

Research has shown that there are benefits to both side of the working and stay at home parent argument. But why does society insist on rewarding stay at home parents with fun classes and activities during the work week but not offering the same thing to us working parents?


P.S.- Why do people go out of their way to help pregnant womenĀ but rarely can be bothered with helping the same female with a stroller or carseat in hand? Sorry, but pregnant I could still easily get the doors alone. Carseats and strollers, and you and the diaper/purse, make juggling look easy when it comes to doors and aisles.

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