A flat of blackberries later

I got my hands on a flat of blackberries for a pretty decent price. Then I had to shift through all the options and decide on which ones I wanted to do; aka… the hard part!

First I chose to freeze several of the quarts flat out. With this heat waze I am suffering through (I hate heat!) I know I am not going to be able to get through them all before they go bad. So, I dumped them in a single layer on my largest baking sheet and set them in the freezer. I than vacuumed sealed them in 1 cup increments when they were frozen.

The first true recipe I did was a Blackberry Chocolate Chip Cookie Crumble! It is Hubby approved and made the Co-worker bring back list. Better yet, its easy!

The second recipe I did was Blackberry Muffins. My only tweak to this recipe is that I did it in a mini muffin pan and instead of mixing the berries in I scooped the mix into the cups and added a blackberry to the top of each muffin.

I tried Blackberry Cabernet Granita and sadly I was not sold on it. Yes, it has a good combination to it but I just don’t think I personally will be doing this again.

A good summer kid friendly drink and very easily and adult friendly drink too! Sparkling BlackBerry Lemonade will be added to my summer drink list as this is a simple fun recipe that even the kids would enjoy helping to crush the berries for.

Blackberry Banana Bread.. oh yummy! A simple thing, make your favorite Banana Bread Recipe and just add Blackberries!

I made BlackBerry Pie bars for my Work Peeps and they loved them! It’s a pretty easy recipes but definallty one you have to allow time for, for the baking process. I will be keeping this recipe for future use!

I loved playing with the Blackberries!


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