2015 Garden

It’s never to early to plan the garden! This years garden is going to be on the small side due to Baby. Not knowing what I am in for as a first time parent I didn’t want to do the┬álarge garden that I usually do.

My Strawberry plants are a set in stone as they are an perennial plant. This year two square feet of lettuce and one cut little basil plant will be sharing their bed.

Another bed will hold two pumpkin plants. Yes, only two plants in a 2 foot by 4 foot bed. They need room to grow and less competition for water will do better for them.

Garden 2015 Layout

My long skinny bed will contain potatoes and carrots. I like potatoes and carrots and look forward to having them fresh again.

So nice and small and easy care plants. Looking forward to figuring out how to berry pick at the u-picks with a baby!

What are you growing this year?


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