Favorite Disney Pets and Animals

Okay, yes, I am a Disney/Pixar Girl. I am more into Pixar but Disney has the better animals and pets. No, I don’t like the Disney Princess (my favorite Princess is Merida from Pixar’s Brave!) or the Princes. I just like the animals and can’t wait to share them Baby B (doesn’t matter if its a Boy or Girl, they will watch Disney and Pixar with Hubby and I).

Maximus is the palace horse from Tangled. He flips sides, goes from hunting Flynn to helping him, is loyal, cunning, and smart. Plus, he’s pretty.

Pegasus is from Hercules. Who wouldn’t want a flying horse?

Angus is the gorgeous black stallion from Brave. He is a war horse and loyal and pretty.

Morph is from Treasure Planet. I would love a cute little morphing alien. Plus, he would be more than willing to get in trouble with me and have loads of fun.

Pascal is the Chameleon from Tangled. Who wouldn’t want a Chameleon? You can get them into almost any place since they can blend and you can outfit them it recording devices! Plus, he has a great personality and is funny in the movie.

Tod is the Fox from Fox and The Hound. I love Foxes! They are so cute and playful.

Out of all the movies, those really are my favorites. Did you see the trend? Horses and odd balls.




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