Disney While Pregnant

Yes, you did read the title right. We went to Disneyland in the last couple weeks and I am 6 1/2 months along with this active little thing. Planning the trip was as easy as anything other Disney trip, though I did a few things a little differently.

Step 1) We stayed at a Disney Resort Hotel.
Yes, it is spendy-ier to stay at a Resort Hotel, we stayed Paradise Pier to be specific (just across the road from California Grand Hotel and the California Park). However, it was a quick walk to the parks being so close and as I knew I was going to be on my feet all day (I sit on my butt all day at work) I wasn’t sure how well I could manage a walk back to the hotel that wasn’t near by. Also, in case I needed to take a break during the day the hotel was right there.

Step 2) I booked through Costco Travel
Yes, I could have booked directly through Disneyland and I booked Disney World through them a few years ago. However, this time with a baby on the way I wanted to look and see if there were better prices, and I love looking at the Costco Travel brochures while at the store. Sure, the price is the same at face value but the extras make it worth it:

The Details:
5 nights
4 day hopper pass with magic morning
Seaward trip with tickets and transportation
Medieval Dinner with tickets and transportation
Bus to and from LAX

The Costs:
Disneyland: $2837
Costco: $2837

Costco Extras:
Premium Character Dining Experience (value for 2 adults: $90)
Disney Gift Card (value was $60)
Resort Attraction Photo
Walt Disney Company Savings Card (good at locations in Downtown Disney on food and purchases, good in resort at a few locations as well)
Collectible Disney Pin, lanyard, and luggage tag
The benefits and add ons from Costco made the decision an easier on.
However, being this pregnant made it a little less fun for me as there were about 4 rides between the two parks that I couldn’t do.
In Disneyland I couldn’t do:
Space Mountain
Indian Jones
In California I couldn’t do:
Tower of Terror
I did encourage Hubby, and he willing went, on the rides I couldn’t do. For those rides I would find a seat at the end of the ride and wait for him to come back to me. Just because I couldn’t go on them with him, doesn’t mean that I didn’t want him to miss out on the fun either.
Yes, there were a few rides that I went on that the signs say “If pregnant shouldn’t ride” and yes, if I had been 8 months or more or not having a healthy pregnancy I wouldn’t have gone on them. However, given that I am healthy and only 6.5 months I went on them. Baby was not a fan the first day! We would go on one of the funner ones and I would get off with a Baby kicking because it wasn’t happy about being tossed around. I loving smiled and told Baby that it was revenge for the kicking…lol. On the last couple of days at the parks Baby was quite and worn out. It was the first time ever that Baby didn’t kick me while I was trying to sleep at night but actually slept with me!
Though, there are a few things that absolute irked me while at the parks:
1) Cellphones
Yes, Hubby and I both have smartphones. However, when we travel, are with friends, family, or even out to dinner we put them away and pay attention to each other and those around us. At Disneyland we were in the extreme minority for our age group. Every time I looked around I would see everyone else on their phones checking Facebook. I was really irked by it on our last day on Haunted Mansion when the lady in the car next to us wouldn’t get off her phone for the entire ride and the back light on it disrupted the darkness that it part of the fun of the ride. People, get off your phones, look up, and interact with the people around you. Facebook will wait and all those stories will be there when you get home.
2) Selfy Photos
I don’t understand them! A photo from arms length or heck on one of those poles, what makes them so great? Sure, I’ve done a few photos of me but I use a mirror to get them. Mostly because I am taking a photo of my current preggy belly size, an outfit, or a hair change. But you are at a park with other photo people around you and asking someone to snap your photo real quick, is that hard?
3) Double Wide Strollers and Large Parties
 I’ve always hated double wide strollers even when I was selling them. They are large and take up way more room then needed when just walking around. Sidewalks aren’t wide enough for a double stroller and another walked going the opposite direction, let alone a busy Theme park or grocery store. The same thing goes for large parties of people that all walk right next to each other. People, this is rude to do and doesn’t allow for an easy flow of traffic around you wether trying to pass from behind or coming upon you from the other direction.
I loved getting away from home, missed my pups, and happy to have one last vacation/birthday celebration with my Hubby before Baby comes! He was great and amazing to me too while we were there. Checking on how I was doing and making sure I eat plenty and drank lots of water to stay hydrated.
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