Camera Personalities

For our quick little trip to Europe last month Hubby had the perfect reason to go by His camera. And, yes it is His camera but he’s let me use it. The really funny part, and the point of this post, is that we now have each have a camera that reflects Us.

My camera is a cute little point and shoot. To be precious it is a Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS. It’s small and fits into my purse (standard equipment like my wallet ­čśÇ ) and my jacket pocket. My life is a two-handed lifestyle. With the dogs being 80% of my photo’s topic (food being 5% and adventures, typically with the dogs, being the other 15%) I don’t have the hand space or time to deal with a big camera. My little camera takes good photos, has great settings for me, and doesn’t require a lot of time to snap a picture. See, it fits my lifestyle! Hubby’s camera is a big camera.

He bought a Nikon D5200 to be his camera. It’s a big camera. It also takes amazing photos, and allows for micro control over the photos that mine doesn’t. He loves it and I like it! The ability to manage the small details (focus, texture, ect) at your fingertips is really nice and fits my Hubby and his uses. He loves to take night shots and┬áthis camera does amazing night shots! It also has a lot more features (zooming ability, modes, raw data, ect) that mine doesn’t offer but, for his uses of night shots and landscape it’s needed.

All in All we have the cameras that fit not only Us but covers the needs of the average household.

Canon Powershot ELPH 330 HS:
Small and manageable, weighs 5oz’s
12.1 megapixels
10+ photo modes (Handheld night shot, Auto, ext)
Built in Flash (comes with an off button)
Large Screen and Wi-Fi


His Big Camera my Little Camera meets all our needs and meets our personalities

His Big Camera my Little Camera meets all our needs and meets our personalities

Nikon D5200:
Large but manageable, weighs 18oz’s
24.1 megapixels
10+ photo modes (Pet, Sunset, ect)
Built in Pop-up flash (comes with an off button)
Large screen and view finder and Wi-Fi
Lots of micro features (shutter speed control, focus points, ect)



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