When was the last time you accepted someone at face value? I don’t mean agreeing with everything they say or being buddy buddy with them. I mean accepting that they are a great person, a horrible person, a self centered person, and so on.

Acceptance to me is just what I said. Turn and look at your significant other, you accepted them on some level when you agreed to be with them. You accepted their appearance, the snoring, the cooking and cleaning abilities. Now, do you want to change them? If you said yes then I would say you didn’t accept them fully. You accepted them with the reservation that you could change certain things about them. If you said yes, like I did, you took them as there are and decided to love them knowing that only thing that changes people is time and with it experience. What would happen if we did this to everyone?

First off, go look in the mirror. Look at your reflection and think about all the things you like about yourself. Now this can be hair color, eye color, and so on. But don’t forget about your personality. The short fuse, loving heart, ability to hold a grudge, generosity, and easy going personality. Now, say it… I accept me. I accept me as I am with all my faults and all my good things. Now, go to your significant others, siblings, best friends, parents, neighbors, and co-workers. Tell them that you accept them for who and what they are.

Now what would happen if everyone in the world did this? What would happen if we all  accepted each other? Would the world be more peaceful? Would we all be happier people? Would our relationships be stronger?

I think it would be. I personally don’t think we will ever have world peace. To many people can’t find a way to accept those around them. To many people make money off of war and the threat of war. But we can have a quieter world. One where the wars are smaller and shorter because people don’t want to fight. One where neighbors help neighbors. One where communities are raising children to be better people. One where people are happy and comfortable just they way there are; because no one is pressuring them to be anything else by not accepting them.

I challenge you to practice acceptance. Start with yourself and family, and then go outwards from there.

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