Dog Tip #2

Now that you have all agreed on whom will be responsible for the new pet its time to decide on the pet. In this case it will be what breed is best for your family and living situation. Do you live in an apartment? If so go check with the complex manager and make sure there are no restrictions and if there is a deposit required. Some places have weight restrictions and others have breed restrictions. How often are going to be able to take the dog potty? If you live in a rental house check with your rental manager. He or she may have restrictions about the size and breed also, and also may want a pet deposit for the dog.

Next comes the actual breed that is best for you. Aussies, Border Collies, Dalmatians, Huskies, and Labs, really most working breeds, get bored very easily. These breeds need exercise and some even need a given task to perform. These are great dogs for runners and very active families. If you get a high energy dog make sure you wear off the energy otherwise you are going to end up with craters in the yard and/or destroyed furniture. Pomeranians, Yorkies, and mini poodles, small dogs, make much better pets for low activity people and for apartment situations.

After that comes getting the dog. Please Please go to a shelter, pound, or rescue group before deciding to buy a dog from a breeder. The dogs in shelters need just as much love as all the others out there. Its better to take in a dog from a shelter then support breeders who are out there for the money. If you want a specific breed go to the AKC website and look at the breeders listed there. Those breeders listed aren’t doing it for the money but to better the breed. They are also very knowledge about the breed and are more then willing to answer questions about the breed and flat out tell you if the breed isn’t right for you.

Before you bring your new pet home make sure you have a bed(s) for them; for 2 dogs we have 6 beds in our house. A food dish, leash, collar, and toys. If the new dog in question doesn’t have a microchip, which most shelters do these days, get one. The chip lets vets, shelters, ect reconnect you and your pet if you get separated.

If you have not had a pet before ask your pet owning friends for a vet recommendation or ask the shelter, rescue group, or pound for some.

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