Hello 2014

I know.. I’m almost a month late getting to this. In my defense 2013 didn’t end well and it’s ending has put 2014 in a spin so far.

Good Bye 2013! 2013 was great to me even at the very end! Sure October set the stage for a horrible ending and a less than great begging to 2014 but I also got officially hired in December so sunny spot right?

I don’t set strong goals for the new year. I like to, like many of my friends, set Themes for the new year. Yes, my October has played a huge part on my Themes for 2014 but some of them are Themes that I tend to care from year to year.

Be Healthy-
Yeah yeah.. same as almost every woman’s goal out there… I don’t plan on losing weight though just to be healthy. In my try to keep this Theme true, actions include eating more fruits and less candy, getting back to walking often (stupid October), laughing more, and stressing about things I can’t control less. Some of this sounds easy but given who I am if it was easy it wouldn’t be a Theme.

Don’t be Afraid-
Yes, fear is a huge issue in my life and more so since October. Fear of failure (stupid perfectionist trait), fear of lose, and fear of letting people down. The actions on this theme include realizing on a deep internal level that I don’t control the world and the world plays a big part in our lives and actions. Repeat after me.. I don’t control the world… Breathe in, Breathe out.

Stay Happy-
Everyday the world provides us with distractions that could drag down anyones happiness. The true action on this one is to stay focused on the positive things and deal with the negative. Sure, sometimes the only thing you can do with a negative is to shrug it off and tell it that it won’t drag you down. My happiness┬ácomes from my dogs, my family, and my Hubby. I love on my dogs and let them humor me with their little funky quirks (Geordi has more personality than should be possible in his little body) and I spend one on one time with my Hubby everyday. Both of those combined override the negative world.

I hope that your 2014 is as good to you if not better than 2013 was!


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