Eating on SNAP, Week 1

When I was working out how to do this I decided I wasn’t going to change my shopping locations. I felt changing my shopping locations just to help prove the point was against the point.

At the end of Week 1 of this challenge I had spent $73.91 of my $97.50. That gives an extra $23.59 for use on another week. This week menu didn’t really happen 😦 Part of my issue was that Hubby was home all week on vacation while I was at work. So I didn’t plan much thinking (hoping) he would do dinner this week. I still did buy a few things to make sure we had food and options in the house.

Sunday: Red Cabbage and Chicken Salad, bought ingredients in June so I didn’t count it to this months budget. I like this healthy and very filling salad, it does make a lot of leftovers or feeds a large group; great potluck salad! Hubby was not a fan of this salad, to healthy and not carby enough.. lol..

Monday: Eat out at Red Robin, $37. I needed to drop a craigslist item off and we ended up just eating out due to timing issues.

Tuesday: Hot Dogs with Potatoes! Totally american! Kirkland hot dogs are the best and freeze great! The only crappy side though is that they don’t fit in a standard hot dog bun and the Kirkland buns are just to many in a package 😦

Wednesday: Red Cabbage and Chicken Salad leftovers with Sourdough Bread. I stopped and picked up some sourdough bread to help make this leftover dinner a little more pleasant and filling to the picky eaters in my house.

Thursday: Pork Chop Skewers and Sourdough Bread. I was on my own tonight as Hubby went out to dinner with his friend and left me and Miss GoGo alone with Pork Chops to cook. So I made Pork Chop Skewers out of his book Indoor Grilling by Steven Raichlen. I did them in them in the cast iron skillet on the gas range.

Friday: Hood River Car Show. We had dinner at Full Sail Brewery that evening before the cruise around. I also bought snacks, that I included in my totals, for this weekend to help keep everyone, Miss GoGo, happy and going.

Saturday: Hood River Car Show wrap up. We didn’t eat dinner as neither of us were hungry, but we each had a slice of raspberry pie that I made last weekend.. yummy homegrown raspberries!

Money spent this week at Grocery Stores:
Target: $24.88
Fred Meyer: $21.03
Roth’s: $8
All already on hand (uupdated 7.19.17): $25

Having only spent $73.91 on formal groceries, I’m going to count that as on track ish or at least didn’t over spend at the grocery store. Yes, overspent in total because of being out of town and crappy planning for the week 😦

All in All, good for the grocery store bill but bad week in total for the accounts. On to week 2!


Update 7.19.17-
Breakfast! I totally forgot to write about breakfast. Hubby was eating bagels from costco this week, and I was working on yogurt that I had on hand. We also buy skim milk from Costco and Hubby and I to drink. Miss GoGo’s milk is included in the weekly cost. Hubby and I eat dinner leftovers for lunch and Miss GoGo get’s lunch and snacks at daycare as part of her cost.

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