Remaking Breakfast

Breakfast is very important! Not only does it start the body off right after, at least, 6 hours of sleep but it also starts you for the day. More importantly, it helps you get to lunch without pigging out on crap foods due to low blood sugar; the hungry feeling.

With leaving the house at 5:30am, after Mommy duties all night, it’s hard to motivate to breakfast while at home. Thankfully, I work at a desk so I can easily eat once I get to work. That means that I need to have easy foods that are ready to grab and go. So, I prep them the night before and even through them into my lunch box so I don’t forget them!

Right now I am eat a lot of oatmeal. 1) I actually like oatmeal!, and 2) It’s easy and I can even by the microwave stuff and stash it at work incase I forget to pack breakfast. Oatmeal, is also a healthy base that lets you add a lot of flavor to it with some simple additions. Those additions can be as simple as using coconut milk (the canned stuff for heavy flavoring) as the  liquid to as simple as berries tossed on top.

I am also eating greek yogurt topped with fruits and/or granola. It’s another easy one to prep at night while finishing up lunches and is also healthy as long as you don’t add crap toppings to it. I really like to put the Pumpkin Flax by Nature’s Path on it.

What do you do to help you eat a healthy breakfast?

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