Food Clean out, Step 3

Step 3 is the Freezer also know as the Other Overcrowded Space. It’s one of those big old deep freezes that hold Zero great and are so big you can fit the cow and pig in it. And, that’s kind of what has happened. Some how, it’s so stuffed, things get lost in it 😦

Luckily for me though, it’s the start of summer!

During summer time, I get kicked out of my kitchen 😦 BOO… the life of no Central AC… This does mean that we eat lots of grilled meats and my carnivore of a husband gets to stretch his BBQ muscles and hobby bug. While we do eat meat during the not so warm months, it’s not the primary as much as it is in summer. Given this it will be easy to go through the freezer and clean most of it out. There will be a few issue pieces though just because of their size.

The Issue Pieces are-
The Last Pork Shoulder! A couple years ago (yes years) I bought a case of Pork Shoulder (100+ lbs all said) at a cheap price. We use the Pork Shoulder to make slow cooked smoked pulled pork. Hubby has perfected it and it is amazing! But crap it makes a ton each time!! Even with dividing it out and freezing it, we end up with a lot. We use it to make Nachos, Enchiladas, Soup, and Sandwiches. Even so, it takes forever to get through a single shoulder let alone all 4 of them.

The Beef Tenderloin! Last year, I found two full Beef Tenderloins for $5/lb and I bought them. We have managed to get through the first one, but we still have a full second one to go. While it’s a yummy cut of meat, it’s hard to just eat it for dinner on a Tuesday night.. lol..

The upside though, is I know why my freezer is full 🙂 It’s full because it’s so hard to say no to good pricing on meats! We tend to buy chicken from Zaycon Foods by the 40lb case. It’s cheaper this way, and they are meaty chicken breasts. I have also bought salmon and bacon from Zaycon that we are working our way through. I also tend to buy discount/close out meats and just freeze them till I am ready to use them; sometimes I even just change the menu up. Luckily though, it’s BBQ season! By the end of BBQ season *fingers crossed* the freezer will be mostly cleaned out. There are a few things that won’t be cleaned out till fall and backing season returns.

The Action Steps-
To make sure my freezer gets cleaned out, I need to know what and how much is really in it 😦 At one point in time I had my excel sheet updated and was good at keeping it that way, then I slacked off and am so lost on its accuracy 😦 Which means, I have to do it again, and I hate playing in the deep freeze!! It’s so cold!! But, I’ll just have to pull on my gloves on and get through the freezer.

Step 1- Find winter gloves
Step 2- Inventory Freezer and update Excel Sheet
Step 3- Keep Hubby from buying from Zaycon



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