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As part of my clean the food out and examine the money kick I finally bit the bullet and downloaded the Rebate Apps that everyone is talking about. For awhile, I hated them and the idea of them because of the words in the privacy policy. Then it dawned on me, I’ve already given that agreement to the other rewards cards that I have in hand and use, so how is the Rebate App much different? I think I downloaded most of them, or at least the big ones you hear about. I know that I don’t have some of them and I’m not sure I ever will. Managing 4 that I use with some regularity is hard enough, can’t imagine doing more.

The Ugly 😦 –
The Hubby-
Hubby hates me using these apps! He has a somewhat valid point that by using them you are selling your purchasing behaviors to the other companies. And yes, I agree with him. In the privacy policy for all the apps they do state that the may share your information to better service you. So when he brings it up (every time he catches me submitting them) I point out the fact that we already have a Fred Meyer rewards card and an Auto Zone card that carry the same policies as these apps. He which he grumbles about the fuel savings (Fred Meyer) and the coupon and warranty tracking with Auto Zone. I look at him, and say “cash back”, and we end in a stalemate.

Pros: Potential to look up prices, Kicks for submitting receipts and scanning items
Cons: Location service has to be on to see items. Also, location services is either On or Off no option for while in use. It also wants access to the microphone so it can listen to your surroundings, tells when you enter a store is the reason given.
Overall: Removed within 24 hours of playing with it. Sorry, but location services drains the phone battery and always being on or off is annoying. Also, the microphone always wants to be on and is a red box on the screen when you are in it and haven’t given permission. It also gives kicks that you can submit for giftcards, a $5 Starbucks gift card requires 1250 kicks. Several ways to earn kicks but the other things killed it for me.

The Good-
Pros: You can get money with it.
Cons: This app has the smallest selection of all the apps. After the first 3 time I tried to get money back from it, I got frustrated. I gave it one more shot, and successes! Here is the trick with it, you can’t stack with this one! You can either use an in store coupon OR the app, but not both.
Overall: It’s quirky but an okay app. I’ll keep it.

Pros: It makes sense for the big purchases or if someplace like Target is your primary shopping destination. However, for those little purchases it’s not so great.
Cons: Forced to watch the stupid ads, percent of total bill, more specialized stores than average grocery stores
Overall: I haven’t actually used it yet. The stores on it are stores that I shop at sporadically but when I do I tend to spend at least what they are looking for, so I’ll keep it just for those trips.

Pros: Rebates on beer and wine! They also cover liquor if your stores do itemized recipes. bevRAGE does pay out quick also, which is nice considering how infrequently I purchase beer and wine.
Cons: Small selection and interface quirks (the menu buttons move). Also, my state liquor stores don’t do itemized receipts, so it won’t do me any good on hard liquor, but I can still get money back for beer and wine at the grocery store.
Overall: I’ll keep and use it for my beer and wine. Who knows, maybe I’ll try new beer because of it 🙂

: Updates every Wednesday night, which is nice and perdicable 🙂 That update time also aligns nicely with my menu drafting and shopping list creating. They also seem to carry a different selection of items than say Ibotta, which is also nice. They also have a website that you can browse from and save yourself the headache of the small phone screen 🙂
Cons: You have to hit $20 before you can cash out. It’s not that different from other big apps like Ibotta, just annoying.


The Great-

Pros: By far the easiest one to get money from. They have a large selection of items and they break it down by store. They also reimburse for shopping behavior with bounces and extras for making challenges. Also includes percent of total bill like Find&Save for some specialty stores like JoAnn’s. If you are on a team you can earn even faster! My code is phimxff or here is the link if you want to join my team! They also have a website that you can active rebates from while you surf the net and the grocery ads.
Cons: Waiting to get the $20 to cash out. Which isn’t so bad if you manage to make all the challenges, but can still be a downer if there aren’t any rebates that you can use that week.
Overall: I’ll keep it.

Pros: This app pays out fast! They have no minimum cash out amount! They also have the largest selection of general non brand rebates that I have seen across all the apps. Also has a website you can browse and active offers from and redeem offers from!
Cons: They have small selection of rebates to pick from. It does update weekly, but not a ton of change over.
Overall: I’ll keep it. The general rebates are nice and make it worth keeping it.

Not So Rebate Based-
Pros: manufacture coupons without the paper!! Also, has a rebate part like the others if you use the app, but I like it most for the coupon printing.
Cons: Not every store card can link into it, but photo submission possible if you want to use it like a rebate app.
Overall: I’ll keep it simply to print coupons from, vs spending the money on a full newspaper.

The Krazy Coupon Lady
Not a rebate app but totally worth it! The only down fall though, is that the site hasn’t cleaned out it history so you might get results that aren’t active and see brags and prices from years ago. But you can search for coupons and rebates on it, just be warned not to get to excited till you have it printed and selected on the app. On the upside, people post about pricing and final prices after coupons and apps, so you can do some price comparison hunting through it.

The Overall-

Good apps for non food items. But I tend to spend most of my money on fresh food items, especially in summer where we grill non stop. Occasionally I see a fresh food item but mostly its beauty, paper, and cleaning goods and not apples, ribs, chicken, and lettuce. For something, like diapers, it could be worth it. I use Amazon Prime for my diapers; $32 average for 152 count Huggies with subscription service. But for every week average purchases, not so much.

I did find myself scrolling through the apps and looking at the coupons and rebates and almost buying them, simply because there was money to be saved. I didn’t need the product, it was spending dollars to save pennies, it wasn’t the cheapest product even after all the savings (store brands can still be cheaper), and I didn’t need the product. I don’t need to stock pile low usage items! It got me into my cupboard situation that I currently am in and don’t want to go back to. Plus, it’s kind of a waste of money to buy things that aren’t going to be used in a timely manner while that money could have been sitting in a savings account or paying off debt. All in All, I’ll keep the ones I have and use them as I see their items matching my list. I will resist the erg to buy many things because of prices; I will make an exception for for things on sale AND coupons AND a rebate. I will not stockpile low use items.



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