France with Toddler- Part 4 Grenoble

Ah, our week long play ground. This is the city, and metropolitan area, that Miss GoGo and I wondered around while Hubby worked. I say metropolitan area because several cities run together and are all linked by trains and buses so it’s hard to say where one ends and the next begins. Not that we explored much outside of a 1 mile radius from the hotel. But, it is do able 🙂

Even though we had a much longer time in Grenoble than Paris, I still didn’t plan much of it in mud. I knew that there were a few things I wanted to see, but didn’t really care which day we went to them. Mostly that has to do with Miss GoGo, she needs naptime to be a happy toddler. I did look at several sites for ideas of what was in town to do, what was kid friendly, and just what town was!

My favorite site was the Grenoble Tourism site! Kind of crazy that a city run site would be so great, but maybe the US just sucks at those kinds of sites. It has everything broken down into helpful, easy to navigate, informative menus. They even have one for Family Trips!

On Sunday, our first day in town, Hubby decided not to go skiing like he had planned. Something to do with the weather being to warm and the stupid rental car… blah blah blah. I don’t ski, so I don’t know what makes for good weather and what doesn’t. So, we wandered around town a little, went to the Bastille (do the audio tour in the museum!), stopped at the children’s playground we walked past (they had a merry go round and spring rockers!), wander the streets, and had dinner at Hippopotamus (Mediocar at best). Nice calm day after a crappy travel day, and Miss GoGo wasn’t up to par yet. Also, very little is open on Sunday in Grenoble. Even the grocery store, Spar, closed at like 12:30pm and we didn’t realize that (silly American assumption) so we had to wait a day to get Miss GoGo her fruit.

On Monday, Hubby went to work and Miss GoGo and I did a few little errands and just wandered. We went to the grocery store looking for fruit and milk; milk that has been pasteurized isn’t refrigerated in France as it doesn’t need to be. W also went and visited the Orange store to get data cards for the smartphones. If we had been traveling together all week, we might not have gotten them. But as I was off with Miss GoGo and he was working, we wanted a way to talk. Also, with us both using iPhone we could get just data and use the iMessage feature to talk to each other 🙂 All in all for 2 sim cards, 2 numbers, and 2 GB (1 each) of data, I paid 40 euros 🙂 So did not need 1 GB for each of us but whatever. Also, these sim cards can be reloaded so the next trip will be cheaper to get them up and going again. They worked out amazing and had great coverage! Also, 1 GB is not 100 MB 😦 lol That night we eat at La Fondue and had the Raclettes. It was fun, but I think I will stick to traditional fondue as it wasn’t that great.

On Tuesday, Miss GoGo and I walked over and found the local coffee roaster, Le Bruleria de Alpes. They are still roasting coffee in equipment for the 1930’s! They also have a HUGE selection of teas! I bought some coffee and teas to bring home and drink and give for gifts, but could have spent a lot of money and an extra suitcase home in that store. On the way to the coffee roasters I stopped at the French Coffee Shop as we walked past, and I have to say it’s France’s take on Starbucks. They are a chain and have that chain feel and look to them. It was good coffee but not local memorable quaint little place. Miss GoGo and I stopped at Haagen Daz for ice cream and ended up having the Sweet Brunch, I had no idea haagen Daz had cafes! That day Hubby got out early and that afternoon we went to the Natural History Museum together. As someone completely incapable of reading french, it wasn’t money well spent. If I could read french better, or at all, it might have been but they do have some amazing examples of minerals and animals! We also eat at a Pizza joint that night and had amazing food! The pizza was so good! Light crust, good amount of toppings, and very flavorful. The tiramisu for dessert was amazing!

On Wednesday Miss GoGo and I went and toured the Chartreuse Distillery! Before we left the USA I had emailed them making sure Miss GoGo could come with me, as I wasn’t sure since many places in the USA don’t allow children on Distillery Tours or in Tasting rooms. Luckily she was more than welcome to come with me and did a great job on the tour! It was a fun little train ride over to Voiron from Grenoble and wasn’t overly expensive either, got a discount because I had Miss GoGo with me. We could have taken a bus, but that was twice as long and more complex to find the correct bus pickup location. Amazing place! The tour that day was in French, not sure if they do an English tour or not, but I got to see all the areas which is what I wanted to see anyways 🙂 From there we returned back to Grenoble and wondered around some more before going back to the hotel for nap time and mommy treat time.

On Thursday it was a little more stressful. We had to checkout that morning as we were going back to Paris that night. Which meant Miss GoGo and I wouldn’t have a specific nap time spot. Oh well, it worked out okay 🙂 For breakfast we stopped at Pain et Cai for coffee and croissant. We sat outside and enjoyed our croissant, cappuccino, and warm milk while watching Grenoble get up. Miss GoGo and I then finised our walk over to the Museum of Architecture and toured that. It was really cool and an amazing look at the local religious history of the area. in 2014 went to something similar in Geneva and had a blast so I was excited to do this. The stair cases though in this building are super narrow! We went back to the playground and Miss GoGo had an amazing time playing with a couple other kids on the merry go round! We had a snack lunch in the park, attempt 1 at naptime, and just wondered around town. We made our way over to the train station and after some more playing and a melt down, Miss GoGo finally fell asleep. I pulled out my kindle and read while she napped and we waited for Hubby. The train ride back to Paris was quiet and the taxi ride to the hotel was uneventful.

It was a fun little week in Grenoble but not sure I would go back to that town again. Maybe if I could stand driving with the French I would so I could go see the mountains better, but only maybe. Grenoble was.. grungy… for lack of a better adjective. Lots of graffiti on the buildings. Not a lot to see in town. Was it worth the trip? Of Course!! Glad I went! Glad I took Miss GoGo! Maybe when she is older and up for hiking we will talk about going back as there are a TON of trails I wanted to do up the hillside from the Bastille, but not carting Miss GoGo.


Up Next: Paris!




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