France with Toddler- Part 3 The Plane & Train

The outbound plane was the worst start to a vacation yet! But first the good stuff.

Our flight out of PDX left at 1:15pm and it was short flight to Salt Lake to catch the big flight to Paris. Wouldn’t have been so bad, but Miss GoGo likes to nap from 11am-1pm-ish. Unfortunately it was just the luck of the draw as flights to Europe are less common than domestic flights, so I didn’t have many options. Thankfully she did really well! We had to stop at Apple on the way to the airport and she grabbed about 20 minutes of nap time maybe in the car from there to the airport. Which meant that the first flight was either going to be nap time or cry time. Luckily she just sat and watched everyone and played with the in-flight magazine on the first flight. The guy sitting in our row was very tolerant of the toddler who put all the magiznes from in front of her in his lap, while smiling. The guy across the aisle from me picked up a tossed crayon and lid and she tried to turn into a game with him. Luckily, he caught on and didn’t play along! The lady in front of me was amazing! She turned around after hearing me tell Miss GoGo to keep her feet of the chair, and said that she didn’t mind the kicking if kept her happy. I still tried to keep her feet of the chair, and it didn’t turn into a huge issue. There were several kids on this first flight also, and she did great. Never really cried or grumped till we started our decent and she wanted to snuggle in for a nap. Second flight was a nightmare!

She was beyond tired and did the past tired crying for 10ish minutes shortly after take off. She fell asleep after that for a few hours. Woke up and threw up. Mostly over the blankets, her lion, and the seat. No warning, just sat up and opened her mouth. After cleaning that up as best as possible we settled back down. She was a wake for a little bit, cried again from being overtired, and went back to sleep. She then repeated the process. This time though, she was up again my shoulder and it went all the front of me and her 😦 It was either laugh or cry, and I frowned. After getting the flight attendants attention we got a big bag so we could clean up the mess and i went and changed her and scrapped as much as possible off of me, I finished the last two hours in lucky jeans and bra; took my shirt off and wore my jacket. I was very excited to get through customs and see my suitcase and clean clothes!

Our return home flights were 100% better!! No crying, no throwing up (think it might have been a tummy bug as it took a couple days for her to get back to normal and Hubby didn’t feel so good either), and no missed flights. The flight out Paris was delayed so we went from having 1.5 hrs to change in Amsterdam to being one of the last to board the next plane. Stressed me out! And on top of that, every time we went through a check point, I was pulled aside to have my passports checked with Miss GoGo to make sure I was the right person with the baby. I didn’t have nearly that much trouble getting her out of the USA! Maybe the USA should re-look at how they let people leave with a baby in tow? Getting back into the USA was more complex and rigorous vs the checks to get into Europe. The one big issue we had coming home was that the carseat didn’t make the orignal plane out of Paris. So, when we got to PDX the carseat was still in Paris according to the system and the Delta rep 😦 Luckily, it was the secondary car-seat from Hubby’s truck, so we didn’t need to borrow one to get home but yeah, frustrating! Also, the attendants on this second long haul flight were amazing and more friendly then any of the other flights. They didn’t have any issues bringing us a cold snack box for Miss GoGo after nap time or filling her sippy cup full of milk! We only had a little fit at the end of the flight when she was tired of being confined to a tiny space and getting sleepy again. At the baggage pickup a couple of people told me how great she did on the flight and how impressed they were with her 🙂

One of the big questions we had was when to board the plane. Do we go first or last, to try and confine her for longer or let her play. I looked at several sites to see what other people said and the same issue and no consensuses was to be found. Deva at My Life Suckers says to board last, Christina over at Where the Smiles have Been recommends going on first.  For us, we boarded first both planes going to France. It was fine. Miss GoGo got to watch everyone come onto the plane, and get settled.  We board middle and last on the way home and didn’t have any issues there either. I guess it all depends on your little one and the situation you find your self in 🙂 Sorry, not helpful, but truth. With Delta Comfort+ we had guaranteed overhead space so that wasn’t an issue and I had small bags so wasn’t worried about finding space.

We also took a train across France to get from Paris to Grenoble! We did one way in 2nd class and 1 way in first and honestly, not sure I have a preference. Yes, 1st class seats are comfier and maybe the food car is better, but 2nd class was completely fine also! The country side is pretty and reminds me a lot of the Willamette Valley with its green rolling hills and active farming.

Up Next, Grenoble!


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