France with Toddler- Part 2 Planing and Execution of Packing

Oh packing, I hate you.

I really hate packing for vacations. I am terrified I am going to forget something! Luckily, I have yet to visit a place that if I do forget something, that I can just go buy it. But it still stresses me out.In my dream life, I am rich enough to never pack anything and just be able to buy everything when I arrive. But, I am not there yet or even close, so I plan, I triple check, and I pack. I right my lists on just regular paper. Some people do it on laminated paper so it can be reused, but I find my list is specific enough to not make it permanent. I also left space to account for packing both coming and going! I had 95% of everything packed the Sunday before we left; we left on Friday. This gives my sanity time to finish laundry, double check everything, and make sure I don’t need to buy anything. I also worked my desk job right up till Thursday so didn’t want to pack rushed.

Main Suitcase!
Originally we had thought about all of us packing in the same suitcase, since we were all going for the same time. Well, I started packing Miss GoGo, her snacks, and me in theSuitcase List!  very large (57 liner inches) suitcase I have, and realized Hubby wouldn’t fit. So, he had to pack in his own bag. Which was great because it meant I didn’t have to save him room 🙂 I packed basics, t-shirts, and blue jeans for me. Plus my bathroom stuff and Miss GoGo’s bathroom stuff. When I was originally planning Miss GoGo’s clothing I was thinking of using the idea of packing outfits into bags for easy grabbing, found the idea from Kristin over at Yellow Bliss Road. Once the hotel reservation was made though, I changed my mind. It’s a great idea but we were going to be in the same hotel for a week and assumed a dresser would be present, not so much but a closet with shelves worked out good also, and I don’t like living out of a suitcase. Also, Miss GoGo isn’t quite into picking her own outfits yet. Going to hold on to the idea though, as it will be perfect for the next trip!! I also packed half a sleeve of diapers. I was going to pack a full one, but space (snack box took up a lot of room) and common sense (you can get them in France) said not to take them. 

My Carry-On!
Toddler Stuff takes up so much room! Thankfully you get basically two bags as carry-ons, yeah! I packed my purse and another slightly bigger shoulder bag with everything. I also got her a pink Carryon List! backpack with leash. Yes, I am going to leash my child for my own sanity and hers. But, it’s tiny and proportional to her little body and didn’t hold much. I managed to get her sippy cup and a few snacks into her backpack before it was full. Now the decision of what to pack where in my two bags. So we had two legs each way. Short 2 hour ish flights and long 10+ hour flights to think of. Since the short flights came first I packed short flight necessities in my purse to go under the seat. Short flight necessities were deemed to be headphones, iPad, blanket, stuffed animal (more likely being carried), diapers, wipes, and a few snacks. In the little duffel bag went the books, toy cars, more snacks, change of clothes, contact kit and glasses, and Kindle. We also took a stroller to the gate. So while it’s not a carry-on it also wasn’t checked at the ticket counter; yeah terminal help! I didn’t take a bunch of snacks for Miss GoGo. This is mainly to do with the fact that we flew Delta Comfort+ and that includes premium snacks including fresh fruit! I did pack some gummie bunnies (clearance!) to help landing and take off, peanut butter and some bread (her new favorite food), and applesauce pouches because she loves those; can’t go down the baby aisle without her reaching for pouches. I also didn’t pack very many snacks in my carry-on as TSA intimidates me on what I can and cannot get through when it comes to food even with a Toddler.

The Snacks!
Miss GoGo snacks about every 2 hours. Sometimes that’s a meal, sometimes its a handful of cheezit’s or a cheese stick. Usually the dogs get a few as she willing shares with them or feeds her rejections to them. In the checked bag I stocked snacks (more applesauce pouches, peanut butter, and cheezits) and snack size ziplocks. While I’m sure I can find food in France, I wanted to have some on hand that I was pretty sure she would eat. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on snacks and cafes if I could avoid it. Lesli at Trips with Tykes has an amazing list of snack ideas, just in case you freeze up when thinking of snacks that your Toddler will eat on the go; without refrigeration. For fresh fruit I just went to a local market down the block from our hotel in Grenoble to get those; Miss GoGo loves her bananas and blueberries! There was also a grocery store across the street and our hotel room came with a kitchenette, so I grabbed some milk, cereal, and other food items to help reduce the cost of eating out for breakfast every day.

In general Lesli at Trips with Tykes is a really great resource for tips and tricks for traveling! Can’t wait to read through her site for San Francisco tips!


Up Next-
Part 3- The Plane


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