Smoked Turkey Tetrazzini

Miss Go Go helping make noodles

Mmm.. smoked turkey. If you’ve never had properly smoked turkey you are missing out. Hubby has figured out how to properly smoke a turkey such that it comes out of the smoker with great flavor and still moist.

The hard part though is that with all turkeys you have way more meat than you can flat out eat! Hubby likes hot turkey sandwiches (ick!) but can only eat to so many in a week. This still leaves us with a lot of turkey to use. So to try and use it up, this year I made Turkey Tetrazzin. Which is not my favorite dish! I really don’t like it because it always taste so bland. After some Pintrest searching I found a recipe that looked promising over on The Life of Jolie. Sadly though when I read the recipe through I didn’t have everything I need on hand. So, I had to make a choice. Take Miss Go Go and go shopping for the few

Miss Go Go helping make noodles

Miss Go Go helping make noodles

things I needed or just sub a few of the items. I choose to sub items instead of going out.

Here are the changes I made:

Spaghetti- I used homemade fettuccine noodles

Chicken Broth- I used homemade smoked turkey broth

Cream- I used buttermilk and a dash of milk to equal the same amount

Flour- I used spelt flour vs all purpose (just trying to use what little I had left)

Mushrooms- I omitted the fungus

The execution of the recipe is quick and simply! The flavors that I got out of it was amazing! Between used smoked turkey and the broth made from its bones and the slight creamy tartness that the buttermilk added, I might never go back to plain old Turkey Tetrazzini! So glad that I picked Jolie’s recipe and to be lazy and not go out to get the right ingredients.

Here is my question to you though, how do you amend a Turkey Tetrazzini recipe to over come the blandness or do you love the simple flavors of it?



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