Wine Tasting April 16th

Amalie Roberts Winery– Is so worth the extra work! To get in and taste their wines you their have to hit them on one of the few weekends they are open or make an appointment to go see them. I made an Amelia Wines! appointment to go see them and so glad that I did! Turns out the lady that was pouring for us was actually one of the owners. Which was really fun because she had the in depth knowledge of the wines and process and was willing to talk about them in depth. She also answered my odd ball questions about terms we keep hearing, Oak is named after the location i.e. French Oak comes from France, and she even showed us her barrel room! She also had some great wines! Every one that we tasted was really well done and very drinkable. So many to choose from and I couldn’t pick which one to take home šŸ˜¦

Namaste– Namaste’s tasting room on Hwy 99 is beautiful! It is open with roll up doors for air flow and beautiful wood counter. There was also a Ā great lady pouring, I didn’t catch her name šŸ˜¦ , but she was easy to talk with and personable. They also have an open tasting format where you get to pick your wines off of their sheet. They have some amazing whites and even some good deep reds that they source out of Walla Walla.

Firesteed– I see their bottles almost everywhere wine is sold so you would think that they would have a large tasting rooming. But nope it was a very tiny tasting room that was struggling to hold the 10 or so wine tasters that were in it. Their Pinot Gris does not come across like a Pinot Gris on the pallet. It tastes more like a Riesling than a Pinot Gris. It would make a good Riesling if they would label it as such but I still bought a bottle of it. Over all though, I’m not impressed with the tasting room nor their wines. I probable will only buy their wines infrequently.

Airie ToadAirlie– You can catch toads here! You have to bring your own net, but you can catch them! The country girl in me loves this fact and they have two dogs, Irish Setters I think, and just laid around after saying hi. They also have some really good wines. They have a wine they call Seven and it a blend of the seven white wines that they grow. It has Muller Thurgau, riesling, GewĆ¼rztraminer, and a few others in it and is so drinkable! I like how they do there tasting also. They bring you a sheet with all the wines they have and tell you to pick 6 to taste that day; there were 14 on the sheet they day we went. I will be keeping an eye out for a few of their wines on sale in the grocery store for sure, and if I can’t find them and want them, well, I know where to drive too :

That's a wine jug! Illahe– This is also another location that you need to either hit up on the weekends they are open or make a tasting appointment. They are well worth making the tasting appointment and aren’t that far forĀ Amalie Robert either. They have some great wines! They have a Pinot Noir called 1899, and it is all made without electricity and you can taste the difference. They even use horses and canons to get it to the state distribution center! Yes, it is a lot of work but a lot of flavor difference also. To me it tastes like more like a deep red than an average Pnot. She also showed us the barrel room and their barrel room has a sky light but still that very
earthy smell to it. I really wish I could find this smell in a candle! They also have a very large barrel, can’t remember the nickname for it, that makes like 700 or 7000 cases of wine from it alone!



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