Kitchen Tools Update

A while ago I wrote about my must have kitchen tools and my most uncommon kitchen tools. I thought i would just do an update on this subject as some have changed.

Must Have Kitchen Tools-

The Bullet- It bit the dust 😦 I over used it and maybe ran it a little long a couple times. When it first bit the dust I didn’t feel it to much. But when I ran out of ground coffee and ground pepper in the same day, I got sad. After looking at we really used it for we decided to replace it with a coffee/spice grinder. The replacement has worked amazingly and I don’t miss having a Bullet in my house.

Kitchen Aid- For Christmas a couple years ago my Hubby bought me a Kitchen Aid Pro! Previously I had a Kitchen Aid Artisan and it worked fine for small batch bread and cookie recipes. However, when trying to larger batches or thicker cookies it got bogged down at little and more often than not, I was bogging it down. He also told me No for 5 years before surprising me with this one so I was very shocked when I opened that present 🙂

Most Uncommon Tools-

So Hubby got a little frustrated with his garage tools being in the kitchen so he’s upgraded me to my own things; except the square. The square is not replaceable when it comes to making straight cuts.

Instant Read Thermometer-  Okay to Hubby fully admits to buying this for himself and just letting me use it. It is amazing though! It goes all the way up to candy temps and when he is smoking it lets him check the temp without losing to much heat with the lid open. With this new tool the thermo gun has gone back to the garage where Hubby prefers it to be.

Meat Hammer- So Hubby went to work on his project car and couldn’t find his body hammer. He came into the kitchen and found it in the drawer and got grumpy. Next thing I knew, okay a week or two later, I was handed a true meat hammer and told in stern tones to not use his body hammer anymore. I kind of liked the body hammer thought, it had some heft to it. With the meat hammer I have to be a little more aggressive in my hammering to get the chicken breasts flat and tender.

These are the only tools we have added to the kitchen. Everything else is still the same and still multi tools for the most part.

What kitchen tools have you upgraded or replaced recently?


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