Cookbook Recap

Sometime ago I wrote in general about the Cookbooks that I own.  Since I wrote this we have added several books to our collection and it has gotten almost 50% Hubbies and 50% Mine. Given this big change, and we are headed into Foody Season, Easter and Summer, I thought I would go over the ones we use and love and the variety of crap we have 🙂

Top Shelf!
Sorry, there really isn’t much rhyme or reason to the cookbook sorting. I’ve done my best to group them together by publisher or food type. However, when you have two people cooking its doesn’t always stay that way.

BBQ Books- This is where the BBQ books are 🙂 We have lots of BBQ books and they actually cover different things in each of them! The main Chef is Steven Raichlen and we love his books! He covers a wide variety of grilling topics ranging from regional recipes to single meat type. If I had to recommend a Top Shelfstart placing for a new BBQ person, he’s books is what I hand to them.

The Binder- This is where I store my magazine rip outs and all those little books that come with cooking appliances. Hubby hates the binder because he can’t find things in it but he loves what comes out of it. Because of that, he tolerates its existence.

Odds and Ends- I have some random ethnic cookbooks. Not only do I have them, but I cook from them when the mood strikes me. I love the 500 Curries books that I have! Not only does it do the popular dishes but it also has appetizers and soups in it so you can do a full Indian layout when the mood and time strikes you 🙂

Bottom Shelf!
Yes, I really do have 2 full shelves of cookbooks. I would love to have a few more but space has limited me to what I can have. On this shelf we have more the traditional cookbooks that you would find in a home.

Betty Crocker- Yes, I really do have 3 Betty Crocker cookbooks from all different decades. Yes, they really are different in their ingredients for the same recipes. I would also add that they indexes in all three are different enough that it annoys the crap out of me. One lists every recipes by type (breakfast, quick bread, cookies, etc) so you have to know what type of recipe it is so you can find it. It does not list it by main ingredient; which makes it hard when you have something thawed and looking for a recipe to do.

Bottom ShelfThe Pie and Pastry Bible– I got this for Christmas this last year and love it! It covers everything on could possible want to do from pies crust varieties to beef wellington. It will take me years to do every recipe in this book but it so detailed in it’s process, it even has weight measurements!, that it’s a walk in the park to use.

The Bread Books- My main bread book is by Peter Reinhart and I love it. It is easy to us and follow and covers a huge selection of bread types; including sourdough starter. The other bread book I have is by Kim Boyce and covers non standard flour types; by this I mean Spelt, Oat, Quinoa, etc. Bobs Redmill covers these flour types and tends to be easy to find in my area. I like this book as it lets me play with other types of flour and textures and some of these flour are very regional to the world.

Odds and Ends- I use my Art of Preserving book at least once a year. It not only has the recipes in which to make the canned goods but also recipes on what to use those canned goods in; besides toast and burgers. I also have an Italian cookbook that an authentic Mexican cookbook that I love to play in. The Italian one has all the meal sections so you could do an entire multi course dinner if you wanted too.

Yes, I might have a small addiction to cookbooks. I love my variety of books and how with them I can do so many things with fairly easy to get ingredients!

If you see a particular book that you want my 2 cents on let me know!



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