Wine Tasting March 12th

Sorry for no photos this time. I was too busy chatting and watching it rain to take photos of the locations and photos of the tasting lists before I started writing on them.

Brooks Winery– This place might just become my escape from the crazy place. Sure, they were busy with a tour group when I walked in but the crew handled it all really well and I did not feel any less important than the big group. I also love the logo! It’s a Chinese dragon (I asked) that symbolizes the renewal of life and self. It’s very true in agriculture, plants die and come back, and in life, the give and get.  They also have some great wines! They have a dessert wine (commercially frozen) that is very drinkable and not thick and syrupy like some of the true Ice Wines. They really have a TON of drinkable wines. I might just have to change Wine Clubs, Hubby won’t let me have 2 wine clubs 😦 They also have a Class series going! The one I sneaked into was about how Geology influences wine, with wines from different parent materials. I look forward to trying to sneak into a couple more as life allows.

Coelho Winery– I just want to start with how amazing Jake is! So i miss timed by departure and arrived a few minutes before he opened the doors. No big deal to me, I was enjoy the sound of the rain and the no baby; she’s got an ear infection and being mommy only clingy and grumpy.  When I walked in so was apologetic that he hadn’t noticed me and I had to reassure him that I was loving the rain and quiet time in the car; its a great mark to him though! I will say that I was at this winery years ago on a holiday weekend with my dad and his girlfriend, so it wasn’t my first time. I really do like their wines. My favorite one that I tasted was the Portuguese Red. Turns out they get those grapes from a family friend in Cali but oh my gosh, very interesting and good on the pallet!Wine Route March 12th

Evesham Wood– This little winery isn’t new, but it is new. It has been growing grapes since the late 80’s but not necessarily a known winery. It was at Brooks Winery when I was checking out and talking with Jordan and Jess and they mentioned it. As it was on my way I decided to stop by, what’s to lose? I am so happy they mentioned it! The gentleman that was pouring that day, I didn’t get his name 😦 , was doing a side by side pouring that was an amazing comparison of the wines. They also have a great view from the window but it was raining so hard I didn’t get any good photos to share. It’s a quaint little tasting room and if you are in the area stop by and enjoy the view at the very least!

Stangland Vineyard– Larry had some really good wines out. The 2013 Pinot Gris and 2011 Chardonnay were my favorites. He was also very personable and we chatted about Oregon and OSU. I just loved visiting with him while wine tasting and that he didn’t hold my youth in mind while talking and interacting with me. My suggestion though when driving to this one is come from Wallace RD and make the Right Hand turn into their drive way. If you come down Hopewell and make a Left Hand turn it’s a funky turn because the driveway is at an angel to Hopewell.



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