Food Budgeting Act 2

Recap from Act 1: Basically, it comes down to that the reports of feeding a family of say 5 for $300 a month I don’t agree with. The reason being purchasing locations, Wal-mart’s (hate them due to employment practice) and Aldi’s (states away from me), Couponing (costs to get coupons), and Rebate Sites (third party information sharing). So if you take those out of the equation what does it look like.

I picked a few sites at random, I did not pursue permission to use them so I have not linked them to my post, and a few of the meals that they listed total prices for. Here is what they have:

Here’s her shopping list, and the prices she paid. All items were purchased at Aldi.

Pane Italian Bread $3.79
2 bacon wrapped beef filets $1.95 ea
Whole chicken $5.68
Eggs $1.69
Whole milk $3.60 **She did not say if this was for a whole gallon or a half gallon
Total = $18.12

Fried PB&J
Bacon Wrapped Filets
Whole Roasted Chicken
**She also doesn’t give an estimate for pantry items like Peanut butter, Jam, Oil, and Spices. So yes, while she is only spending $18.12 for at the store that week, the meals are not costing her that low as she pulls from previous purchases.

Here is the second list of items procured from several stores:

Meal- Lazy Day Slow Cooker Meatballs
2 lb. ground turkey – $1.89/ea.
Parmesan cheese – $2.99
Italian breadcrumbs – $1.79
minced garlic – 99 cents
Extra virgin olive oil – $2.99
28 oz. can tomato sauce – 95 cents
28 oz. can whole tomatoes – 95 cents
box of spaghetti – $1.59
TOTAL = $16.03

Meal- Meatball Subs
block of mozzarella cheese – $1.59
hoagie buns – $1.79
TOTAL = $3.38

**An irck is that she lists Turkey as the meat for the meatballs. However, if you go to the recipe she links to it lists beef and sausage as the meats. The two meats are not the same and not seasonable the same. I still used the turkey because that is what I bought based on her list but it makes me hesitant to trust her lists in the future.

Their Grand Totals: $37.53

Here is what I have-

The Menu:

Mon: Fried PB&J
Tue: Whole Roasted Chicken
Wed: Slow Cooker Meatballs & Spaghetti
Thur: Meatball Subs
Fri: Pizza
Sat: Bacon Wrapped Filets
Sun: Baked Potatoes

***I’ve only reported prices for the items purchases for the highlighted recipe ingredients. I am not reporting prices for salad and sides that weren’t talked about in the meal prices.

The Grocery Store Shopping List-

Bread (Italian)- $1.99
Bacon Wrapped Filets- $9.23 total, $4,99 each plus one 75 cent coupon
Eggs- $1.50 on sale for 1 dozen
Whole Milk- Kroger, 99 cents, $1.78 minus 80 cent inshore coupon for a half gallon
2 lb ground Turkey Jennie- O, $3.29 each
Parm. Cheese- Kroger $3.19
28 oz Tomato Sauce- kroger $1.13
28 oz Whole Tomatoes- kroger $1.33
Spaghetti- Ronz, 89 cents
Hoagie Buns- Fred Meyer, $1.99
Total Bill: $28.82

The Freezer/Pantry Shopping List-
Whole Chicken; I bought this on sale and froze it- $3.94
Mozzarella Cheese; I had cheese balls already so just used them instead of a block- $1
Olive Oil- $2, on sale
Italian Breadcrumbs- $2
Approximate Total: $8.94

My Approximate Grand Total: $37.76

The Final Verdict:
There is only a 23 cent difference between their reported costs and mine. Really, less than a quarter cost in savings their way than mine? I was honestly expecting to see at least a couple bucks. No, I did not buy any differently than I normally do just to make my cost small. I bought products that I would normally buy and followed my normal behavior. Even with the stupid ground turkey. So the stupid Turkey is Jenni-O simply because it was the cheapest option. I would have preferred to buy the Foster Farm brand (my preferred poultry brand) Turkey pricebut I could not stomach the price 😦 When Jennie-O was going to cost me a dollar less not on sale than the sale price of Foster Farms I had to go with my wallet.

It also really ircks me that they didn’t list sides with any of the meals. It’s all main dishes and no fruits or veggies to go with them to round out the meal. I served my dishes with mostly salads and toasted bread from the loaves I bought but didn’t full use in the intended recipes. So while they are reporting their menu prices and shopping lists they are not talking about well rounded and healthy meals.

Act 3 will be my… defense… to my shopping habits.



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