Baby Food without Rice

Okay fellow Parents, this one is all for you!

My amazing giggle butt Baby has a pooping issue. Baby B doesn’t poop all that frequently and has had this issue since she was about 2 months old and went 2 and a half weeks without pooping. After a visit with her doctor it was recommend we supplement with formula (less digestible than breast milk) once a day and that is was not a milk allergy from what I was eating. It worked well enough that she started pooping every week and half or so. They were still very solid poops and not the mushy baby poop you hear about. Than she turned 6 months old and the issue has continued on. So I turned to the internet, hahaha, and started looking at foods to not feed Baby.

The foods that firm up bowl movements are:

Okay so Bananas, Applesauce, and Toast are easy to avoid feeding Baby. Rice though, is so hard to avoid! Rice is the primary filler grain in Baby food much to my absolute dismay. Though, once we removed it and started feeding her prunes (~1 tablespoon per day) we saw HUGE improvements on the pooping frequency; up to 2 or 3 times a week but still very firm poop. To avoid Rice in baby food I have to read every single ingredient label and it is time consuming but worth it to me. To save you having to repeat the wheel here is a sample of my list of foods WITHOUT Rice:

Snippet of Gerber Foods without Rice

Snippet of Gerber Foods without Rice


Snippet of Plum Organics Foods without Rice

Snippet of Plum Organics Foods without Rice


Snippet of Earths Best Foods without Rice

Snippet of Earths Best Foods without Rice

For complete lists of Gerber, Plum Organics, Earths Best, Sprout, Beech-Nut, Happy Family, and Ella’s Kitchen visit my Etsy Site.




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