Wine Tasting Feb 15th

So Hubby and I this year celebrated Valentines a day late 🙂 Why? Because we could both use a vacation day from our work places and send the Baby to daycare like normal; instead of paying for a babysitter and only getting a few hours.

So what did we do? We made the trip to Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Hubby loves this place! I’m okay with it but not head over heels about this place like he is. Maybe if it had a rotating exhibit spot but it doesn’t. It is all pretty much a set exhibit with very very little changes to it. Still great and fun and educational but not entertaining the 3rd or 4th time.

Since we were in town we stopped for lunch a GEM Creole Saloon. It’s a fun little place! I really love the dark purple wall color and if I could find the right wall in my house I would paint with that color! Sadly, my house is to dark to host that color 😦 I had the Bouye Fries and loved them! The seasoning on the fries is amazing! Not overly salty and has other very regional herbs on them. Hubby had the halibut and said it was really good also. We than hit up a couple wine tasting rooms.

We first went to Naked Winery. We both did the Sweet Tasting and it was okay at best. While the Naked Winery Menustaff was fun and upbeat, the wine was was lacking. Naked Winery is a true winery in the sense that they do not grow the grapes but source the grapes and then make the wine. Maybe the reds are better but a few of the Sweets I really wanted to try while looking at the menu. I would have enjoyed it more maybe if I would have selected 8 wines to taste for the same price as the flights. They do charge a $2 tasting fee for each wine or you can do the predetermined flights for $10. I left without buying any wine from them and not sure if I will go back to them.


R Stuart Mixed FlightThe next winery we visited was R. Stuart & Co. Again, they don’t grow the wines themselves but purchase from the region. They have 3 different wine flights published. They have a Mixed with white and reds, a pinot, and their Oregon line. I tried the Mixed flight, and was not head over heels for any of their wines either 😦 The best one I tried was the Big Fire Pinot Noir. Also, the young lady hosting that day while very personable when we was interacting with us wasn’t  equal in behavior to her customers. What I mean by this is that a lady came in after us and was told very different information about the wine flights, including a you pick option. She also talked about a crab feast that was coming up and than topped it off with a statement that it was all sold out this year but maybe next year we could go. Why mention something to new people that they can’t go to and expect them to remember it for a year? Her behavior just grated against my customer service core 😦


Something that I noticed at both tasting rooms though irked the Wine Taster in me. Neither location had dump buckets out or pallet cleaners. While Naked Winery had chocolate out and goldfish in jars they did not make the goldfish readily available to us the tasters. The lack of dump buckets is most annoying to me. To me it comes across as having a lofty view of themselves, “You will love our wines so much you won’t have an issue finishing the sample!” is not true for everyone.

I did learn though, that I really like vineyards over wineries. If you grow the grapes you know them better than the people buying them. I’ll still try wineries and hope to find one that I like but so far, it’s vineyards that I love!

There are several tasting rooms, shops, and little restaurants on 3rd street in McMinnville but not all are open on a Monday; very few tasting rooms seem to be open on Mondays in general. I’ll have to go back at some point and try the other restaurants that I saw that caught my attention.




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