My Real Cost per Meal

***So I wrote this and than sat on it so it’s a little past tents really but still very on the nose for how I run the whole dinner and meal thing***

Recently I have found myself in a couple of conversations about food cost comparisons, and it got me to thinking, How much do I really spend per meal? Then I realized *Gasp* I had never looked! I honestly did not know how much per meal, on average, I was spending. I knew

a general figure of about $15 per meal and those meals typically make leftovers. So I was compelled to sit down and take a look at it.

This is the menu and my menu planner!

This is the menu and my menu planner!

The Menu:
Mon: Spice Chicken with Rice and Biscuits
Tue: Fusilli with baked tomatoes and Salmon
Wed: Crockpot Pot Roast
Thur: Penne Pasta with Vodka Sauce and Sausage with Caesar Salad
Fri: Roasted Chicken with Apples
Sat: Jambalaya and Bread Bowls/Biscuits
Sun: Mystery Package **Turns out it was pork tenderloin in a marinade**

Yes, I really do plan my weeks meals out. It saves a lot of time and a lot of energy! We both now what is going on for dinner this week so we don’t play the What’s For Dinner Game and when I get home at 5:30 pm I can jump right in and know when to have Hubby start things for me. It also means that I know what meats/fish to pull out from the freezer the night before and what I need to go shopping for on Sundays.

The Shopping List:
Apples; 70 cents

This weeks book books!

This weeks cook books!

Carrots; $1.25
Celery; $1
Fresh Basil; 75 cents
Onions; $1.50
Gold Potatoes; $1.25
Russet Potatoes; $2
Heavy Cream; $1
Tomato Puree; $3
Tomatoes; $1.50
Salad; $5, including dressing, parm cheese, and croutons
Sausage; $13
Bread Bowls; $4 from Panera Bakery because Hubby has to have bread bowls for this
Oranges; $1
Biscuits; 50 cents

The Freezer List (things to pull out):
Chuck Roast; $8.44 for 2.12 lbs
Chicken Thighs; $6 for 3lbs
Shrimp; $7 for 1lb
Scallops; $7 for 1/2 lbs
Salmon; $7 for 2 lbs
Mystery Package, it’s not labeled and no idea what it is so it needs to get thawed and demystified **I am guessing around $5 as I buy and freeze meat when it is on sale, and it’a s little thing**
Ham; Free, left over and frozen Christmas ham from work

Pantry List:
Rice; $2
Spice; $3 for all recipes
Oils: $2 for all recipes
Vodka; $1
Pasta; $4
Bell Pepper; $1
Diced Tomatoes; $1

You will see that some of my costs seem really low or high, here is why:
Meats- It was on sale. Also, when it comes to meats I will pay more for a brand that I have had good encounters with. This weeks sausage is Aidells; Cajun Style and Garlic with Gruyere.
Salmon and Chicken- We buy this in bulk from Zaycon Fresh. Sure, it take a little more work when we bring it home but the savings is worth the effort!
Ham- It was the Christmas gift from work
I also try to pair up coupons and sales together when I can and I am not brand loyal when it comes to most canned food (ethnic foods are the exception).
Total Price for dinner!
Mon: Spicy Chicken with Rice
1 lb of thighs, Oranges, Rice, Spices, and Oil
Grand Total: $7

Tue: Fusilli with baked tomatoes and Salmon
Pasta, Salmon, Tomatoes, Spices, and Oil
Grand Total: $10

Wed: Crockpot Pot Roast
Chuck Roast, Gold Potatoes, Celery, Spices, and Oil

Grand Total: $11.19

Thur: Penne Pasta with Vodka Sauce and Sausage **YUM! A new favorite easy go to meal**
Pasta, Vodka, Spices, Oils, and Sausage.
Grand Total: $12

Fri: Roasted Chicken with Apples
2 lbs of Chicken Thighs, Apples, Spices, Oils, Bread, and Salad
Grand Total: $7

Sat: Jambalaya and Bread Bowls
Shrimp, Scallops, Sausage, Spices, Oil, Bread, Rice, Onion, Celery, Bell Pepper, Ham, and Diced Tomatoes
Grand Total: $29

Sun: Mystery Package **Pork Loin with Salad and Potatoes**
Grand Total-ish: $10

As you can see I have one costly meal, the Jambalaya, that throws off the average otherwise we are looking at about $13 a dinner. Plus, these all make leftovers that will be eaten for lunches during the week. And yes, on the weekend I typically have one large fun meal that takes time to make but is fun. It’s a way that we enjoy the weekends and I get to make something that I wouldn’t be able to make Monday-Friday. Now remember, I am only feeding 2 people with this plan so my sizes might be smaller than yours but we still get leftovers for these meals. Soon Baby will be eating our same foods so my costs might go up a little but not overly so yet. Tonight I am making Scalloped potatoes with pork chops which will get us left overs for tomorrow at least if not more; it is one of Hubby’s favorite dishes.



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