Wine Tasting Sept. 19th

Wow, Dundee Oregon has a LOT of wineries and vineyards! It will take us several trips to get to all or most of them! Also, they are far far busier than the others we have visited; Portland is a very easy drive to the area.

Vista Hills-
First, they have a great view! They also don’t make you stand at a bar to sample. They have tables they seat you at and come to you with the wines. It was a great experience to be catered on like that versus another body at the bar 🙂 The 2014 Treehouse Pinot Gris was my least favorite. To my pallet it had a medicine after taste given a minute or two between sips. My favorite was the 2012 Tusculum Pinot Noir with its vanilla smoothness.

Domaine Serene- Super busy location! It was very crowded when were there so it was a little distracting from the wine tasting as you were trying to avoid your neighbors elbow. I really like their 2013 Evenstad Reserve Chardonnay; not enough to spend $55 on it. My least favorite was the “r” Rose blend; their cheapest bottle at $35. All their wines are very very drinkable and pretty spendy.

Angela Estate- This was by far my favorite winery attendant for this trip! They make a Grahm Beck NV Brut that is simply yummy. It’s a traditional South Africa Sparkling wine process and is simply amazing on the pallet. My other favorite was Angela Estate 2011 bottle that is a great group bottle to just open and drink same night.

Winter’s Hill Estate-This was a fun place to taste. The wine tasting bar is off to the side of the processing floor. So, you literally are in the heart of the operation and can watch them move around the floor with cases and whatnot. My favorite wine from here was a Late Harvest Pinto Gris. Most of their wines are very drinkable alone and need no food to go with them to compliment the flavors. The richest flavors today were found in their 2009 Pinot Noir Dundee Hills.

Erath Winery-This is one of the huge Oregon wine producers. You can find their Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris in almost every grocery store. I was disappointed in their tasting room though. Given how big they are their tasting room was small and crowded on the day we there; I’ve been to small wineries with larger tasting rooms. My favorite wine as the 2013 Oregon Pinot Noir. It had the very classic taste of an Oregon Pinot Noir and would pair well with both sweets and bacon.

We are nowhere near done wine tasting in this area! We drove past so many locations and it’s almost so crowded that you can just pick a single street and get your fill for the day. I look forward to going back to the area.


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