Wine Tasting Sept 6th

Good Morning! I am going to finally recap the wine tasting trip that my friend and I did on Sunday Sept 6th.

We visited several (more than planned) wineries and found some good stuff and some bland stuff.

Wooden Shoe Vineyards-
They are also a Tulip farm as well as having a vineyard (someplace, the tasting room is on the Tulip Farm). The wines are good but not outstanding. They have a Marechal Foch this is pretty good. Its a nice rich color and, as they state, a really good drinking wine that doesn’t require food to make it shine. They also have a Sparkling Albarino that is an easy one to pair with as it is not overly flavorful. It would also be a great mixing wine to make something like Lemonade or a wine mojito with.

Hanson Vineyard
I like this place. The gentleman pouring wine did very well at handling the three parties (including my friend and I) without making us feel at all ignored or unwelcome. They have some very nice wines that are smooth across the taste buds. I’m very excited to try the Riesling with Short Bread cookies as I believe they will go well together!

The two bottles I bough from Hanson

The two bottles I bough from Hanson

Piluso Vineyard –
An amazing Port Style Wine; Marechal Foch!! Also, the lady that was pouring the wine that day was the wine maker herself and she was great to talk with and very personable. They also have a Dolcetto wine that will go great with pasta! Her wines are very much Italian flair, her husband is Italian, but done well with the Valley fruit. They have a nice selection of wine so it was hard to pick which ones to take home.

The two bottles (and it was hard to pick) that I bought from Piluso.

The two bottles (and it was hard to pick) that I bought from Piluso.

Silver Falls Vineyard
Not impressive wines or tasting room attendant. The wines at this winery were hit and miss. They have a super Tart Riesling! We are talking tarter than a Granny Smith Apple Tart. I bought a bottle just to play with it; and it was on sale for cheap. They also have a Champagne Style wine that I am excited to try as it is reported to have won a couple medals. The gentleman though wasn’t outstanding and caught a little off guard by us. We went in and he asked us what we wanted to taste. We both replied with “whatever you want to pour”, he was confused by this and didn’t run the tasting well. At other locations we have had attendants love us and jump all over it, but not this one.I'm excited to play with the tart resiling and try the champagne styleAlexeli Winery
Very very bland and disappointing wines and wine attendant looked out of it and not enthused about the wines he was pouring. Neither of us bought a single bottle at this one because nothing struck as something we wanted to play with. 

Pudding River-
What a cute little place! It is a green little spec in a lot of brown fields right now. He had just opened the doors for that days tasting so he was a little out of it and not quit into the rhythm of the day. He served the Chardonnays at room temp; which isn’t a bad thing I just like mine chilled. It was still a good Chardonnay; he had both Oak and Stainless. He also had a ver nice Viognier that would taste amazing with Seafood Alfredo! He also had a couple of deep reds with grapes sourced out of the Walla Walla Valley area. They were good, but deep reds are a favorite of mine so they didn’t strike me as amazing.

I’m excited to play with the tart resiling and try the champagne style


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