Mornings post Baby B

Well, last week I went back to work. Not only did I go back but I went back to a new schedule that has me leaving at 5:30am. What that really means, is that I am not around to help Hubby with Baby B and getting out of the house on time. It makes me feel a little guilty as he is not a morning person by any means. So, I found my own way to help him leave on time.

Lunch- I put together his lunch, and mine, the night before. We even have lunch boxes that I bought to pack them into so it’s as easy as grab and go in the morning. When we have breakfast pastries I add one to his box and also send a box of Wheaties to work so that the only excuse for him to not eat breakfast is laziness.  I also pack my breakfast into my lunch box so that I can eat it at work. As I am not overly hungry that early in the morning and would rather get 10 more minutes of sleep than eat at home.

Daycare Bag- I put this together night before and morning of. The night before I make sure the bottles are washed and packed, that the bib is in there, etc. In the morning I put the bottle of breastmilk in the cooler bag and then in the big bag so all he needs to do is grab and go!

The Pups- I let them out initially, feed them, and put them back in the bedroom where they finish sleeping till kicked outside. This is sorta my doing, but mostly theres. They are accustomed to getting up with me in the mornings. The first thing they want is to potty; who doesn’t do that first? Once potted I feed them so they will nap without disturbing Hubby till he kicks them out of the bedroom and than outside. I also check the water outside to make sure it is filled and ready to go.

Baby B- If Baby B is awake I make sure to offer Baby B food. If Baby B falls back to sleep while nursing I just put Baby back in the bassinet and let both Baby and Hubby sleep. If Baby B decides it time to be awake for the morning I take Baby B out of the bedroom with me so Hubby can sleep. I check the diaper, change if needed, and place Baby B in the MamaRoo as I am getting ready to leave. I make sure Hubby knows where Baby B is and that the door is cracked open a little so he can hear Baby. Yes, I am very much into him getting sleep. It has more to do with sanity of the house than him not being a morning person. We, Baby B and I, need him to have it together so when Baby B melts down and I melt down along side someone can calm us both down.

While it may not sound like a lot, every little bit helps him. Plus, the control freak in my loves it! I get to make sure he has a healthy-ish lunch, track what is in the fridge, and make sure Baby B has everything needed for daycare. Did I mention I’m a little bit of a control freak? It also makes my feel emotionally involved in the process of helping them even though physically I am not there. I also help find keys and shoes via texts 🙂

Is it the “normal” way things in society are done? No, my coworkers with kids do their routines differently.  But this works best for us and makes everyone happy. If you find yourself in a similar position to mine, find a routine that works for you and yours and stick with it. Don’t judge yourself agains others, it will only stress you out.


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