Wine Tasting July 10th 

Recently a girlfriend and I have decided to wine taste our way through Oregon since it is central ground to us both and we both love wine. I have decided to share my recaps with you dear readers to help you find places to visit and bottles to buy 🙂 We are both a little picky in our wines so we are looking for good quality wines. My girlfriend is looking for a good white wine to drink and I am just looking for good wines to complement my cooking or to just open and sip.

This last weekend we went to a few wineries in the West Salem area. Here they are!

Cherry Hill– They have decent wine; we both liked their Blanc de Noir. They also sell and make chocolate covered cherries (we didn’t try them as neither of us are into cherries). They have a gerouse vineyard and the tasting room hits up on hill a little so you can enjoy a glass and look over the view. They also have picnic tables so you can take lunch and eat there! We both are wanting to go back as the gentleman that was pouring the wine was new to the winery and industry so he had no knowledge about the wines or winery yet.  Also, you have to want to get to them to get to them. They are out of town in the hills and down a dirt road. So, if you aren’t okay with your vehicle getting dirty it might not be the best place for you.

Cubinismo– This one is unlike your classical vineyard. The gentleman who owns this has introduced Cuba into his wines and has taken the culture and brought it to the vineyard. The wines are very tropical and fruit forward flair to the wines. My friend enjoyed them but for me there was only one that was… good… but not purchasing that day good, make sense? They do have something else going for their winery though, they host TONS of events through out the month! The day before we were their they had  a Boys Night; she was still cleaning up from it when we arrived. They were tasting the wines, had a cigar guy there, and other fun boy things. They also do a Girls Night with local consults from like Scentsy and what not, wine tasting, and Chick Flicks. This isn’t all they do either!

Johan– We both loved this one! The day we were there they had a great guy pouring. He was very knowledgable of the wines, not only his but wines in general, and the vineyard! I got the vibe that he wasn’t just a tasting room employee ,but I didn’t ask him. Not only did he do just the flight but also was willing to open a bottle for me that was listed for tasting a different month; Loved it and bought it! It is their Chardonnay Visdom an it is an unfiltered Chardonnay and very rich.

Left Coast– Left Coast Cellars shares the same driveway at Johan so we went to them too. Why not they were right there? They have good wines, including a White Pinot Noir. They also have a little bistro so you can enjoy a glass of wine and lunch while there. They also have a few picnic tables for sack lunches if you brought your own.

Before we started on our wine trail we stopped at the Roth’s in West Salem. They have a great selection of food bars; olives, antipasto, cold pasta, salad bar, and hot foods. You can also get just a plain old lunchable if that is more your style 🙂



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