Not so over the moon

So many woman that I have encountered, mostly at work where I spend most of my social time, seem to be put off by the fact that somethings that Baby does, doesn’t send me over the moon. Mostly, it all revolves around Baby’s movement.

Yes, at first when I knew what it was that I was finally feeling it was cool. It was a for sure sign that Baby was actually there and healthy. Now, all these months later, the excitement is gone. It also doesn’t help that if I didn’t know better I would say Baby is ADHD. Baby moves around A LOT. Yes, it is super healthy and an active Baby is a great sign, but getting kicked, prodded, stroked, and just the flat out wiggles, gets old.

Don’t get me wrong, if Baby is quiet longer than normal, aka more than a hour during the day, I get a little worried and tune in to my belly till I feel it move. A lack of movement is the starting sign of an issue, so thats why I care about no movement.

Like I said though, I don’t go over the moon that I can feel Baby inside and out. Neither does my Hubby and that just seems to confuse a lot of women that are already Moms. They are also confused by Hubby’s hands off approach to my belly.

Don’t get me wrong, Hubby is looking forward to this next chapter. During my rough period at the start he was way more excited about this then I was. He is super supportive of me and my preggy self. He understands that there are just some things I can’t help him with (moving large furniture) and has adjusted to the night time potty trips. He’s also, annoyingly, involved in my eating habits. It is him making sure that Baby and I are doing well but some days it grates. However, he isn’t glued to my belly when I am sitting next to him. It just simple isn’t who he is. He doesn’t place his hand on me and wait for Baby to kick him. He doesn’t sing to it; he does play classical music for Baby to listen to in the house and cars.

The point of this ramble is that every person is different. Don’t hold your excitement, experience, or ideals against others. Everyone, including the men, respond to pregnancy differently. Just because I am not over the moon ever time Baby presses on my rib doesn’t mean that I am not excited. I am excited for this next chapter. I am excited for Baby to join our life and look forward to how it will influencing it. Right now, I am nothing but a human incubator. I determine nothing other than over all health right now. I have no say in what Baby is or isn’t doing right now (right this moment Baby is pushing on me). It isn’t a horrible view point. It is an educated and accepting view point.



About Tara B.
Hi, I am Tara B. and its great to meet you!! I am an outgoing person with introvert tendencies. I have two amazing dogs that I love and adore! You will hear about them and their adventures a lot :D I also have the most amazing husband! Together he and I have Miss Go Go (you'll also see her referred to as Baby B) that was born in the spring of 2015. She is smart, quick learner, and loves to mimic everything she sees. I love to cook, bake, try to stay healthy, and read. I love to explore my area (and the world when life allows), and seek out fun things to do. You want more information just ask! I am horrible at writing "About You" sections...:) If you have any questions, comments, ect I can be reached at

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